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  • dbtunr dbtunr Mar 13, 2011 8:32 PM Flag

    The damage to Japan's nukes

    maybe those in earthquake zones

    I don't think PEG has any in earthquake zones

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    • rhrengineer1 Mar 14, 2011 10:12 AM Flag

      I'm not sure what Japan's earthquake has to do with PEG's nukes, which are not in eathquake zones and NRC over regulated demands compaired to that of Japan.

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      • Actually you are not correct. I would recommend reading Asahi Shimbun or Yomiuri if you can read Japanese. here is the scoop from the Japanese news sources and unofficial "drift" from TEBCO employees on line. (1) Earthquake did not damage the reactors, it is the tsunami that caused the issues by washing away the diesel fuel tanks for the generators and other damages (2) we may not have a tsunami potential in New Jersey, but we do have one for a Hurricane (3) Hurricane going up the East Coast has been shown to be a catastrophic event if it reaches DE, PA, NJ and NY (4) NRC rules for reactor safety is a mirror image of Japanese rules. There was a comparison done in early 2000's and discussed just yesterday on Bloomberg radio. It is an open fact that the Nuclear industry openly shares its processes and virtually all plants around the world have the same processes and all regulators use the same evaluation criteria (5) Hopecreek is the same design of the reactor as the ones in Fukushima (6) Hopecreek has concrete outer containment when Japanese reactors do not, but Hopecreek outer containment has been found to have very large and deep craks, see NRC's reports.

        PEG should be looking to shut down its reactors permanently, perhaps in 2 or 3 years. Certainly Hopecreek. It is time. PEG needs to be honest with the society it supports and do what was done to Vermont Yankee -> Cemetery in 2012. NRC should not even consider putting another reactor on the side that already has Salem 1, Salem 2 and HopeCreek on it.

      • Agreed. Maybe people are worried about over "over regulating".

        Anyway, the lower price means more shares coming to my DRIP on 3/31.

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