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  • blyguy10 blyguy10 Oct 6, 2011 1:59 PM Flag

    ucore market cap..

    from what i have been able to find, ucore has a market cap of around $77million. how did they come to that number? and how do you entertain buyout offers when you only know that you have somewhere between 10-100 billion dollars worth of REE's in the ground?

    thank you to those who take the time to respond to my questions. im just trying to figure out what you all think this companies market cap is/should/could be? and again how the ownership would go about putting a value in the company in the event of a buyout? i mean if a company paid a 100% premium, i feel like that would be grand larceny getting them for 145 mil.

    love hearing your thoughts, good luck to all, lets get rich!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • Nothing under $5.00. Probably more. But we need to see the price get back to it's old high, and then the run will reignite. By then there will be alot more news and clarification on UCORE.

    • Agreed. Too early to tell. Phase II testing to be completed by year's end. GLTA!

    • Honestly, I think that perhaps, it's too early to know, I'm not even sure that Ucore knows exactly what they are sitting on. Yes, they have significant HREE's right now, but they are still to my knowledge, conducting exploration efforts. I expect that they are probably sitting on more HREE's than what's currently known, we'll see. What I do believe, is that the pps should be going up substantially from here with news about their findings, possible jv's, loans, or interest from entities that have it in their best interest to secure resources of HREE's.

    • i know what and how to find a companies market cap guy, i was just wondering what people thought was a more accurate figure bc at 75 mil is obviously undervalued. and in addition, since none of us here know the real true value of ucore, just out of curiosity, if you owned ucore, what is the minimum figure that youd have to be presented to sell your properties?

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      • Most companies sell at 10 to 15 times earnings. Most sales of companies that do not have earnings go for far less than book which right now is half of market cap. Both of these do not really apply to Ucore. IT becomes a discussions on what you feel future earnings will be and how unique the resource. The ratio of CREEs / Total REES is the best in the world. At 0.7% the ratio of REEs to ore is one of the worse. IT depends what people believe it will cost to recover these small amounts and future prices. See the chart at bottom of this link to see where Bokan lines ups with other mines. For me Horizontal axis, value of ore is far more critical than TREO sell price. Ore content has a major impact on COGS. I do not See UURAF as a buyout opportunity. For example Ucore will have to treat ( cook, treat with acids, treat with caustics throw away) 15 times more rock to get a KG of TREO than GWM. Also look at percentage of CREEs in the ore (click on mine name in top chart) Lynas has more of most CREEs as a percentage of ore than broken. MCP has more for about 2/3 of the CREEs than Brokan. For me percentage of REO of an element in the ore is far more important.

    • No! Market cap is the number of share outstanding 150.86M times share price. It changes every time share price changes. It is what stock holders believe it is worth no relation to anything in the company. Share holders equity or book value is current Assets minus liabilities was 32,737,545 end of Q2. Share holders Equity is affected by assets. Good luck if you are investing in highly speculative stocks and you do not understand some of the most basic of measurement terms.

    • More drilling, pre assesment survey, some guesswork. Who knows maybe they will sell it off in parcels as they do more drilling assesments. These kind of companies are hard to pinpoint exactly what their worth. Sometimes the buyer comes out ahead, and sometimes the buyee wins. But I think those companies who are looking at us as a takeover, are going to want to get in and try to lowball us early on ahead of the pack.

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