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  • hisstik hisstik Feb 1, 2012 12:23 PM Flag

    State and Fed Gov't pushing approval process

    About 3 months ago the dept of defense met with Ucore and MCP officials to secure REE's in case China cuts us off. Both are being fast-tracked for heavy REE's. If California has given approval to mine, Alaska is a slam dump..Of course it is 3-4 years away, but this is the ground floor..Also a partnership or B/O is in the picture.

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    • Hmmm, if Ucore really gets fast tracked, I'd be willing to bet that operations could begin a lot sooner than most people think at this time. Bokan has a previously producing uranium mine (with from what I've heard about 500m worth of the stuff), as well as the infrastructure and labor pool pretty much ready made, just waiting to be tweaked and put into action. Face it, most deposits require major $$$ on those fronts alone. Ucore has a very good, strategically located deposit, that is about as easy to access as any, and better than most, imo. Location, location, LOCATION (along with the resources, infrastructure, and increasing support behind it to boot). This looks like a success story that's not only possible, but imo, very probable. Looking forward to more key developments in the relatively near future. Mr. Collison was brought in for a reason imo, and I look forward to really seeing Ucore put onto the fast track.

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      • The the capex needed for getting Bokan up as a ree mine is under 200 million dollars. I understand that is pretty cheap for this sort of thing and a fraction of what it would cost Quest or Avalon to get theirs going. I think it's entirely possible that Bokan can be producing in under 3 years. When that happens, this could be a 15 or 20 dollar stock and their will be many who wished that they had the foresight to get on when it was a mere pennies. There's no downside here, only bumpy upside.

      • care about...the process of approval and movement towards actual production someday simply serve to move the price to one we'd largely agree on this Board is a significant return on our risk.. around 3.00-4.50.

        This is why I made an additional investment yesterday..the positive news (project approval and development..potential suitors..etc) is simply dwarfing the short side of the ledger. Before this is over (for me at least!) the only short side play on Ucore will be AFTER a potentially high buyout or merger offer and the speculative fever is at full pitch..Until then it's essentially game over. It's only a matter of what the score ends up being.

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