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  • gettinricherr gettinricherr May 2, 2012 11:43 AM Flag

    Always Good News Around The Bend - A Small Sampling

    that starting next week, we should be getting some news coming in. If for no other reason than the timeframe is right.

    I thought we'd hear news this week. More to come.

    Deutsche bank 37th annual health care confrence. Celsions presenting May 7th I think it was. Should be seeing a press release on this either this week, or no l ater...

    I think I know what the other press release will be, just going by what's due to be out. I will just wait to see if I'm right.

    I think we see news first thing Thursday morning, or possibly wednesday prior to the Shareholder meeting.

    If you are like this guy and trade in and out of this stock, just beware it could all come crashing down on you with just one unexpected press release. That partnership agreement could pop up any day, and then you...

    Re: News either tommarrow and/or next week.
    That's definately one of them. The other is more of a probable than a positive, but I excpect it could very well be out next week. That's as much as I will say on that.

    We are due for news, but what would really get us moving, is to hear about a partnership. Although if we wait for the results of the trial, then we will get a much sweeter deal.

    It will as we get nearer the results, but with some news that's due out, and the new DMC review we should get a little boost. Sure would like to see who are partner is going to be too.

    It will get better
    We have atleast 3 near term events that should trigger a news release. But the icing on the cake would be the surpise partnership announcement. (Not if, but when).

    Agreed, should be this coming week or the following. Either way it's going to surprise alot of people. Especially if they use the xrt results.

    You never know when it's going to happen. We could open Monday with news on a partnership, that's why playing in and out of stocks like this is to risky for me.

    They might if we get news of a partner, maybe news from the new dmc meeting, china enrollment, final reg. batch exct. But until then they are doing the smart thing and accumulating slowly and quietly...

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    • Thanks for putting more eyes on another stock I own that's going to be a multi bagger. Phase 3 trials by year end on this one. Huge multi national 700 patient trial for liver cancer ongoing and finally coming to an end in the 4th quarter. If any of you might be interested in Bio techs, CELSION is the one you want to own.

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      • There's a multi-bagger around here, but it ain't a stock. HA HA HA HA HA! I'm talking about the multi bags it takes you to carry an 18 pack home twice a day. Thanks for the great tip but I think I'll hold off until all the good news is released very soon imho. HA HA HA HA HA! Remember how vinyl records used to skip? News coming any day now...News coming any day now...News coming any day now...News coming any day now...News coming any day now...What a whacko....

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