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  • invst.smrt invst.smrt May 24, 2012 11:17 PM Flag

    Example of impact of NI 43-101 release

    CRC has only 700 ton of heavy (DY , TB , EU and Y) , which are more rare , critical and costly. Remaining elements are light , which will be in surplus supply once MCP and Lynas becomes online.

    Lets see home much HREE Ucore has.
    -Ucore has total 5.7 M tone rare deposite as per new cut-off grade.
    - Assuming 1% TREO gives 57000 Tones of TREO.
    - Ucore has around 40% HREE/TREE ratio which gives around = 22800 Tone of HREE (DY , EU , TB , Y).

    Which is almost 29 times of HREE as compared to CRC HREE deposit.

    On top of that CRC need 700M initial capital to develop project. I am sure this number will be around 200M for Ucore due to its excellent infrastructure.

    With these number any educated person should be able to guess Ucore PPS post PEA announcement.

    $2 is written on the wall.

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    • from the 43-101

      "The combined tonnage and grade for the Dotson and I&L Zones is
      5.275 million tonnes at 0.645% TREO" = 34,000 tonnes TREO. 40% (you are right about the percent!) of 34,000 is 13,600 tonnes.

      As compared to Commerce, Ucrap is undervalued, but one must consider that BOTH are over-valued.

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      • Brett, you should know by now that only THEIR math works with THEIR numbers given THEIR assumptions. Anything you offer that's remotely realistic will be picked apart.

      • Don't bring a draft horse to a thoroughbred race.

      • Yes, and it's possible the world is overvalued by 50%, 20%, 21%, 19%, 15.74333%. Anything is possible.

        If you think UCU is overvalued...PROVE IT.

        NPV of that mine is going to easily be over $1 billion. Assuming 50% dilution to pay for the mine itself, the shares today are worth $1+.

        You can ask questions, but all reasonable longs have already asked this question and decided that this stock is going to be worth $1.50-$2 in PV terms at some point in the next 2-3 years.

        Dissuade me of this idea, and I'll give you some credit for asking the question.

        If I'm going to make money in this speculative junior miner sector...which pony gets me the most dough???? The relatively cheapest (ALL things consider), right?

        How is it possible there are skeptics at $0.30? As far as I'm concerned, this is a just an ultra cheap call option without a maturity. What would you pay for a leap option on this stock? $0.30? With an indefinite life...I'm thinking the option value of this stock alone HAS to be worth at least $1.00.

        I'm not a pollyanna long...but the persistence of skeptics here is mindblowing.



    • Nothing is written on the wall, and we'll be lucky to see a buck if someone makes an offer.

    • Appreciate your post...

      However, from the 4/18/12 press release (detailing Bokan mine design), where they increased the amount of tonnage to 5.3 million (at a 0.40% economic TREO%), I come up with just under 14K tons of HREE (at the 0.65% TREO average x 5.3 million tons x 40% HREE) for Ucore. Granted, your point is it 14K or 23K tons vs 700 tons for CCE, but I'm wondering what I am missing in my projections?



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