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  • contraryj contraryj Feb 27, 2013 2:45 PM Flag

    Cost to produce higher than sell price!!!

    With the recent price drop for Ucore I thought I would look into buying some so I reread the pea. on page1-11 they give the prices they used and they were accurate in OCT. 2012. Prices have fallen dramatically since then. TMR as of FEB 15 2013 put the Value of a KG from Broken at $70 / KG. The pea puts COGS at $110 / KG table 1-6 page 1-10 this says at today's prices this facility cannot be built because it will only lose money. About $40.00 for every KG sold.

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    • There is high price to entering industry and not one example of a successful entity.

      Doing it on the cheap, China has effectively (in 15 or so years,when radiation bloom hits Yellow River) destroyed the water supply for 400 million people. And China has such rampant smuggling that the continuing attempts to control the industry and limit pollution will only be partially successful. A group of people died last year in China from drinking Lipton tea that had been grown in rare earths contaminated soil. China estimates that all the profits they have made from rare earths doesn't begin to pay for environmental damage/recovery.

      Fluctuating prices may cost MCP's investors, who paid a huge price for environmental protections, everything. Trying to dump waste on foreigners, with a non-existent waste disposal plan, may cost Lynas investors everything (though Lynas ridiculously built in a country, in an area, where a previous rare earths environmental disaster took place).

    • the price of product can swing the other way in a hurry.
      as what you say is true, the USA does need a stockpile.

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