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  • littlestockmaster littlestockmaster Jan 30, 2014 11:16 AM Flag

    Bought $10000, its at all time lows. It is the most reconized name in home security

    This will be good

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    • And that's the problem. The most recognized name has the most customers to lose. The one with the most customers stand to lose out to the newcomers in the security business !! Price competition will hurt ADT !! This stock is headed way down. Cue the lawyers !! Shareholder class action lawsuit is on the way.

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      • Told ya !! Lawyers smell blood in the water.... here they come. LOL This stock is going much lower. Slow to no customer growth means lower stock price !!

        Shareholder rights law firm Johnson & Weaver, LLP is investigating whether certain officers and directors of The ADT Corporation (ADT) violated state or federal laws in connection with statements issued regarding ADT’s business, operations, financial prospects and share buyback program. The investigation will also focus on the circumstances surrounding a multi-billion dollar buyback program.

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    • Making $$$$

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    • whiteandbluepinstripes whiteandbluepinstripes Jan 30, 2014 12:07 PM Flag

      I don't see it. This company has been stringing investors along for a while, and if this quarterly update goes like the last fiscal year end report did, they are going to lose another large investor (last time it was Corvex), who is it going to be this time? This will have an adverse impact on stocks. No comment was made about the Vringo out of court settlement - how much is this going to cost? The whole revenue model assumes that Pulse take rates will continue to rise and that APRU is sustainable at 40.00+ (50.00 for Pulse)... despite downward price trends from outside forces. When questioned about the downward price pressures from major cable providers, all the CEO could do was maintain that the ADT brand offers more value...? I don't see it this quarter. Blaming customer attrition on relocation is cute, but once again, if the customers move and they don't sign back up, they didn't just relocate, they relocated and changed providers. Customers are more traceable than this, and ADT offers moving promotions to its customers, paying them to take advantage of their services at new locations... yet they still don't bite. Finally, has anyone ever looked at the customer comment boards on this company? They read like the who's who of corporate greed and social anti-sentiment. Nobody, I mean nobody, seems to like this company or the services they provide. And finally, what is corporate G & A so high? Naren K. Gursahaney needs to start thinking about a pay cut. I wish you luck, but this one is starting to look like a loser.

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    • Dallas Cowboys is the most recognized name in football and you know their mediocrity ....You need more than name recofnition in a competitive environment

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