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  • cnvang cnvang Dec 31, 2010 5:03 PM Flag

    $.25 by end of next week

    Expecting huge news about full line of clothing coming out early Jan. Load up now and don't miss the boat.

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    • xyience filed for bankrupcy protection.

    • Just Google Xyience and bankruptcy.

    • MP isn't isolated to UFC. Someone needs to check out the web site. It will be .25 in the not too distant future. Loading up on dips.

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      • Loading up on dips? Ha. Have at it. You're the only one buying. MSLP will never, let me repeat, NEVER see .25 again.

        Why do you think it went from 1.20 to .05 in 4 months? Because it's a crap company.

        Sell this turd now while you can. This is just sound advice.

      • MSLP has pro football players on board, using and promoting the products as well as MMA fighters, who are not isolated to UFC. Don't forget Strike Force, WEC, ECO, the list goes on. Then you have the hundreds of branches of varied martial arts practitioners that are into MMA. MP hasn't even begun to tap into the Brazilian Jui Jitsu market, which is a worldwide phenomenon and is altering the face of martial arts. Bodybuilders are probably the major users. Go to for MP's product rankings. Power lifters make up a large market as well as fitness followers, which leads to the household market for general nutrition. Extreme athletes and endurance athletes cover hundreds of sports, from marathoners, triathletes, on and on. This is in development on the website. Whoever thinks MP products are isolated to UFC marketing obviously hasn't done their research.

    • They appear to be up and running without interruption of any kind...someone will dig deeper I am sure but I see no signs of a bankrupt company???

    • are you sure Xyience went bankrupt......I still see the product name on drinks and other MMA product.

    • Well than i guess we will have to agree to disagree

    • $1.4 million with major backordering issues is not bad at all. This company has been operating for like 7 months public and they are going to do great in the long term. They have beat out over 550 other companies in a short period of time and the company ahead of them on makes musclemilk which is established in the sports nutrition industry. This is the 1.4 million I was referring too. The deal that ultimately diluted shares to $.05 but got rid of there $300,000 WEC debt and gave them $1.1 million to do whatever with. Granted the $500,000 Scion deal was terrible, giving about 7% of your total shares to a company who turns around and sells them around $.10 a share causing a year end panic push to .05 was retarded. Thats why the stock is at .07 not because of your faulty reasoning. It was actually impressive that it got to $.08, going up 60% from its low without a press release for almost 3 weeks.

    • I think I understand now....YOU were the COO! hahaha Please, you offer no facts, none. This company is just starting out so give it some time. I agree, this stock will not hit .20 on news of the clothing line but it all goes to future revenues and profitability. The supps are very good and will be a major player in the space, in time. .25 by mid year is very possible. I believe it will take a few quarters of the product hitting more retail and online outlets coupled with a reduction in the hard hitting marketing campaign to get there but it has all the right components.

    • They have no cash reserves. And he quit because they couldn't pay him.

      Their products don't sell nearly as well as you would like to think. Hate to break it to you but 1.4 mil 3rd qtr revenue is not a top selling company in the sports nutrition industry. 12th on the list of only a few big players. Sorry but that sucks.

      And that is why their stock is 7 cents a share.

    • Thats not true. They could have paid him just fine with the $1.1 million in cash reserves that they have. Thats a fact not speculation, learn the difference.
      Having the 16th best selling product on Body Buildings website in assault and the 12th best selling company overall online will turn them positive and when February comes around and when they post earning this thing will be easily a .20-.25 stock. I have no idea why people think this thing will be worth 20 cents on news of an apparel distribution out of a supplement company but with there overall success as a company a 5 bagger by late February early March is highly likely.

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