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  • coach2277 coach2277 May 26, 2011 11:52 PM Flag

    Interesting Day!


    Obviously MSLP was played today. Whether is was shorted, maybe, maybe not?, and I'll explain below.

    It was the target of particular group as evidenced by the "hype posts" today. However, the posts on Yahoo are not going to change many investors minds or increase volume or share price. I'm sure this group's campaign was well calculated, and distributed in a variety of other areas.

    Now the question is why? There are quite a few individuals that know a whole heckuva lot more than myself and the average investor when it pertains to OTCBB stocks.

    My conclusion is based on the fact that the current CEO and president respectively have over 10m shares each, then obviously a person accepting the position of Co-President will be awarded 10m or so as well. Hence the volume today.

    Was it played because that was anticipated and was an easy target? Most likely.

    If in fact it was shorted that's the market, anything goes. For the investors that made money today shorting, congratulations!. Well played. On the other hand there was also profit taking.

    For those that bought in at the high of .06 and lost a penny per share don't panic. I'm in at a little higher than that and I'm not concerned whatsoever.

    If management was sitting on their duffs doing nothing I'd be outta here. However, they continually make strides for improvement. I foresee some great things for this company in the very near future.

    This is just my opinion! I do not wish to get into a food fight like I noticed the past week between tounoup and jerries, and the subsequent food fight afterwards when the entire cafeteria was involved. Heck, I'm still trying to clean off the mashed potatoes, pears, pudding, and chunks of salisbury steak from my computer screen.

    Seriously, it's time for everyone to act like adults. Obviously, we all have differing opinions but that is NO EXCUSE for vulgarity, constant prattle, and childish behavior.

    Now I'll address dilution which is a major topic of discussion here, as well it should be.

    Additional shares were authorized as we all know. The question is how will the company utilize issued shares?

    It's common knowledge that to make money one must spend money. However, it must be used in an appropriate and responsible way.

    The management now has the opportunity to implement the business plan. I believe they will in a responsible manner.

    As investors we can't critique each and every management decision. We're on the outside looking in(fans if you will), and really have no idea of what critical decisions/actions are needed to carry on the business plan.

    Additionally, we as shareholders expect management to make the right decisions and take every effort to ensure the security and appreciation of our

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    • Great post coach. I think that your voice on the board is a great addition. Fair and balanced.

      Long term upside looks good. It seems that the large holders are selling as soon as lock ups expire. We should see some strength when there are more long term investors vs. Stock for service people.

      I read the board last night and yesterday was a joke. On both sides. The angry folks need to get a life and the insiders need to spend more time selling product and less time on the boards.

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