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  • coach2277 coach2277 Aug 7, 2011 2:05 AM Flag

    "t" tounoap, and others


    t, I didn't just fall off the turnip truck. I knew about Merriman before I posted.

    Merriman was suspended in 2006 for 4 games, not permanently. However, your reference suggests otherwise. He has played every year 2006-2010 and is currently with the Buffalo Bills. Very misleading with the implication that he was banned from the NFL.

    Your link was an event 5 years ago by the way. Thanks for the News Flash!

    I'll comment on a couple of your recent posts. As far as the UFC 133 tonight, no MP didn't have ring mat placement. However, neither did several other prominent sponsors that advertise on a regular basis other than Bud Light. To suggest that MP didn’t have the funds is merely negative speculation on your part. Considering the recent financing, I’m sure they have the funds.

    It may be selective advertising by companies, or possibly the producers and distributors of the upcoming movie “Conan the Barbarian” took precedence. More cash if you will. That’s my speculation. Right or wrong.

    Neither one of us know for certain. I may be wrong. But don’t mislead others suggesting that you have the definitive answers, you don’t. I Don’t!

    In response to another post regarding my responses to other new posters/investors whereas I should be ashamed of my comments:

    The Yahoo site is intended as a forum to express ideas, pro/con about our investments.
    I state my opinions based on extensive research. I am not, nor will be, ashamed of my comments.

    My comments are not misleading to others, nor intended to be. Merely my opinions regarding the current developments and future potential of this company when asked by others.

    If you note, I do not attach a sentiment to the end of my posts such as “Strong Buy, Buy, Hold, Sell, Strong Sell, etc. That would be considered guiding current and prospective investors. In general, when asked for advice I suggest they conduct their own research, rather than rely on message board posts.

    99% are informed investors and certainly don’t use this as a vehicle for investment advice.

    Regarding your post before the close on Friday:

    Your post: “What do you know. Hey coach 2 cents in the rear view mirror huh?
    You guys spouting this bullish advice on MSLP to new people on here should be ashamed.”

    I did make the claim that the 2 cent range was in the rear view mirror, and I’ll stand behind it. You jumped the gun before the close when it was .0296. But I will admit, somebody bailed me out and bought at the ask of .0314. Whoever did it that thank you! I'll go one step further that 3 cents will be in the rear view mirror by weeks end. Just my opinion.

    In any event, we can debate this investment till the cows come home. The future is out of our hands, as you and I have no control.

    The Q2 results should be announced this week. Hopefully it shows promising sales to debt ratio with a subsequent PR relating to future developments. But moreover, my belief is that the subsequent Q3 and Year End will be the breakout, and possibly astonishing.

    In conclusion, t, this is not intended to be derogatory, simply a lighthearted statement. As much as you can put such a negative twist to any remark on this board about MP in your favor. You may wish to consider a career as a “Spin Doctor:” for any presidential candidate in the 2012 election. You’d be darn good at! It could pan out to be a very lucrative career for you. Have a good rest of the weekend.

    This topic is deleted.
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