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  • sw49pr sw49pr Mar 22, 2012 11:46 PM Flag

    The inevitable "plunge" below 0.007 next week

    So I REALLY hope I'm wrong on this, but I talked to a close friend yesterday (albeit a third party source... so this is HEARSAY, take it with a grain of salt), but he is close with the marketing director of the company), and a high-level supplier of MusclePharm products. The general consensus among people close to the situation, is the numbers that are coming out next week are going to be bad... they've been hemorrhaging, and are a long way off from making a profit. There also seems to be concern that there is a problem of less-than-savvy business leadership at the top. The guys who run the company are muscle guys, says my friend, not business guys... so that's the long term concern.

    Here's my take... I have a horrible feeling that we're going to see a drop to 0.0055-0.0070 range next week when the numbers come out. Which is why I am strongly considering selling now, and buying back in when it bottoms out. That's based on experience, a gut feeling, and semi-solid information.

    Although I think that there is a problem with the leadership of this company, I do believe that have a TON of things going for them long-term, so holding wouldn't be the worst option in the world for the optimists here. It's risk/reward with these guys, if their sponsorships/excessive spending pays off in the long run.

    But short term, things are not going to be pretty, in my opinion. Let's hope I'm wrong.

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