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  • evanhowington evanhowington Mar 26, 2012 5:57 PM Flag

    Repost from iHub

    I posted this on the iHub message board and I am curious what my fellow Yahooligans think about this... Just some numbers I came up with..

    "I have a serious question though..

    I've said it before, we need to find out why they would bonus themselves with common stock shares...

    On the outside(us) looking in, it seems like another stab at being greedy... But if you think about it, if they did this so they could sell them and make money its kind of stupid. They can't sell without filing an SEC form for insider trading. If they did this then it would be safe to assume that a lot of people would dump before they could sell... causing them to make pennies on the dollar... which would suck.. especially since if all they wanted was money, they could have just not dealt with the common shares and bonused themselves more cash off the sales...

    If Cory owns 158,665,985common shares .... Brad owns 166,962,287common shares ... I'm not sure how much Jeremy owns, but it is at least 148,182,971common shares ... seeing as how they each were awarded the same bonus shares...

    This comes to a total of 473,811,243 common shares between the 3 of them..

    I know there is an Authorized 2.5 billion shares, but how many are actually on the market? isnt it around 750million shares, or did I miss another round of dilution somewhere? If it is only 750million then they own 63.17% of the common stock shares giving them voting power if they did away with the Series B preferred "voting" shares..

    if there is 1billion shares then they have 47.38% of common shares, leaving them to have to purchase only 3.62% more to reach 51%.. which is 36.2million shares.. @ $.015 is $543,000 .... Now I am asking this message board to compare these numbers based on 1billion shares on the market that I have come up with, against the numbers put forth in the Form 8-K filling on 08 March 2012. I know the numbers are not the same but they are extremely close, I bet my numbers would be even closer if not spot on, if I knew Jeremy's exact share count.

    (note I just noticed the filing that states 1billion shares on the market, but I am leaving the 750million shares math to help prove my point of they are trying to gain the majority voting power through common shares, to do away with Series B votes.)

    Putting all of this together, its my opinion that these guys have something big planned, with a major player, and they were told that the Series B voting shares were not going to fly with them, and that they need to get rid of them. Now ask yourself, if you had to give up your indisputable magic voting shares, wouldn't you make sure you had another way to control the company? I know I would, in my industry there is a saying that can be applied..."you always give before you take" meaning if you have to take something off the table you put something on the table that can take the place of what you are taking off... I hope that makes sense.

    Feel free to tear this post apart.. if someone can disprove this i definitely want to know because right now, these actions are telling me that something big is in the works, and if i am wrong then i definitely want to know.. "

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    • 've read some people talking about these guys dumping their shares on the market and what not, and yall talking about hoping they dont dillute.

      If you look at the post I stickied you'll see that its looking these guys(3pigs if you will) own the majority of the common stock shares..... hundreds of millions of shares.. as i stated(from learning on this board) if they want to sell any of their shares they have to file with the SEC for insider trading.... Doing this would no doubtedly cause the pps to fall while everyone gets out before the shares could get dumped on the market...

      follow me... heres my point..

      Since they can't dump their shares on the market without alerting the market first, how would having these shares help them?... the answer is a buyout... If they get bought out only having Series B Preferred "Magic" voting shares, then those shares would be worthless(seeing as how they have no monetary value)... leaving them to buy common stock shares with their own money to get however much per share is paid upon being bought.. why do this when you can just bonus yourself a ridiculous amount?... hmmm even as I type this its becoming more clear to me.. this why they just didnt bonus themselves more money.... yeah sure they could bonus more money but their pockets to bonus out of arent as deep as a buyers pockets to buy their higher priced bonused shares... maybe theyre not as dumb as box of rocks after all...

      Now that they have hundreds of millions shares, they can make a ridiculous profit upon buyout, assuming they have majority common shares they can negotiate the terms, between the pigs(correct that if i am wrong please)... this seems plausible until you throw in the wrench of 1 billion shares on the table, meaning even at $.50pps thats a cost of $500MM for this company(correct if need be), ON was bought for what...$315MM...? and MP is in the process of taking them over...!

      just throwing my thoughts out there.... trying to think outside the box..

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      • Its always good to think outside the box and be prepared for anything.

        You are correct about their filings, and I have not seen any yet.

        I dont think these guys want to give up controlling interest of this company just when their dreams are being realized, but that is just an opinion. Ultimately greed can effect any persons decision. I think that this recent flurry of activity does partially answer the question that was brought up about why they are giving themselves shares as a bonus. This companies market cap has literally trippled in just a few weeks, and by proxy, so has their net worth.

        I hope they stick it out and slowly build this thing back up. $.50 would be a HUGE blessing right now for all of us, but it would be a slap in the face compared to where this company could go in the next 1-2 years.

        I am going to hold what I have and continue to accumulate when I get a happy exit points from some of my other positions.

    • OP

      todays news may answer your question

      This is real good news for them by the end of the year.

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