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  • boozie2600 boozie2600 Apr 10, 2012 1:36 PM Flag

    Dr TJM

    I did not block you because you were saying that MP wasnt getting bought out, etc. I too have said that I do not see that happening multiple times. I blocked you because you attacked me when i was trying to be friendly and answer your question.

    That aside. I want to pick your brain but cant figure out how to unblock you on YMB.

    When I first bought this i was buying and selling on dips and peaks. I was not making any money so I was going to drop them and go back to bio world, but seen something that made me decide to take what little money I had made off them and just hold for a while. This run up was unexpected as I stated in previous post.

    I am new to this company(2 months) and mainly trade in bio stocks, so my experience is with bios. When you go short on a company like this, do you just short it and ride it out for a while or do you cover at the end of each day? Typically the latter is what I seen in bio stocks when there were no options to hedge against, but since this is OTC, is there any real risk in after hours movement?

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    • Ahhh just back from a lovely trip to our pace in hawaii surf dive relaxation etc.. Nice to see the tirades continue, u day traders so small minded and short sided it's pathetic! 8 months from now mslp will be a household name brand and a leader with a huge partner u know who. So keep trading keep up the tirades and keep wasting you time day to day on this message board i' be back in january to say, well u guessed it "i told u so"!!!!

    • I would love to come here and find someone to carry on an intelligent conversation about the direction of this company, even if you are on the other side. I crave valid information and I come here trying to find out why the pumpers or whatever think so positively about this company. However, despite getting frustrated and yelled at, nobody here has really given me anything positive of substance.

      I am also a bio guy but pulled back because the FDA does whatever they want with no rhyme or reason. It's a coin flip and totally out of your control. The only one I mess with now is DCTH. Love the product and it's blowing up in EU. The FDA will have no choice because of the immense pressure to approve it here - plus, it's a system that uses an FDA-approved drug, not a new drug looking for approval. MSLP is totally different that the bios though. I'm in and out of this, both long and short, sometimes a dozen times a week. These 20, 40, and 100% swings are so unbelievably profitable, I couldn't resist.

      Right now, I am short with a mixed price of $.33. I plan on closing that before earnings because I do think there is a better than 50/50 chance it pops right after earnings. That's why I was trying to see if anyone (especially those who proclaim to "know it all") could at least tell me when they'll release earnings. Again, nothing... so I apologize for the response. If it does pop, I'm going to take a guess at the peak (.042ish) and short it like crazy right after earnings.

      I hate how this company does business. I hate how they spend it. I hate how they sugar-coat and manipulate numbers (ex. everybody went crazy on the convertible notes and debt elimination but when you look at real numbers, the "enormous" debt that people are going nuts over was like a total of $5 million. With this debt still on the books, they spent $440,000 on a Lamborghini as a gift for God's sake! That 1 stupid purchase was almost 10% of the entire debt amount and I'm getting crucified here saying the shareholders should have been irate. Furthermore, they increase outstanding shares from 500M to 2.5B in <4 months, which at today's price is a $60,000,000 dilution but nobody cares. Maybe people here just know realized what that means to a company with a market cap of $14million) And I think Pyatt is as shady as they come. What he did to his last company before filing for bankruptcy was absolutely criminal.


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      • Thanks for the info. As soon as I figure out how to un-ignore I will. I usually only /ignore the bots posting spam links.

        I know about Pyatts former company. They were very similar to MP but never took off. Needless to say he spent them into oblivion. If this company ever makes it to the black(profits) it will do it in spite of him, not because of him. I "hope" that he has some people in his stable instructing him to tighten the reigns with these higher revenues coming in so they can pay with cash for things from here out but now that he has a foothold in the MMA I am afraid his ego will explode and he will dilute more for financing and overextend himself trying to get into the NFL and other sports like he has MMA.

        My only real faith is that the product is a good product. I know people who use it and swear by it. When i first started trading this Stock in Feb I told one of my friends MP was on the verge of collapse(just based off their 2011 books and their stock price) and he went out and bought several months supply of the stuff afraid he wouldn't be able to get it later.

        it is a shame such a good product is in the fragile hands of this buffoon.

      • I used a different username - dr.tjm42b - so hopefully you got that and it wasn't filtered.

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