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  • dr.tjm42 dr.tjm42 Apr 23, 2012 11:11 AM Flag

    Everyone Laughed When I Said 60 million this year

    So I post a link where you were overjoyed to buy it at .035 and you immediately respond by saying you also bought it at .0085. What an amazing coincidence.

    See, when you say stupid stuff like that, everyone's gonna keep laughing at you.

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    • I posted about Cannabis Science on MP board can u READ simple sorry is ok

    • This is what I wrote on 4/19 when the stock was .0165. Not "I hope this" or "It might that".

      "I have been open about my positions. I shorted at .033 and closed at .0175 because everyone was getting excited over nothing. (I think the total cost to retire all those convertible notes was only like $5mil) I've also stated many times that I think it pops after earnings and then pulls back again. That being said, I'm going to start buying again for that reason plus because I want to benefit from their greed. Pyatt especially is so audacious that the more shares he acquires, the more he's going to do whatever or say whatever to force the value of those shares up. He's just that kind of narcissistic.

      In addition, when these guys talk about their earnings, they're magicians by getting you to "look over here" while they slide the other stuff under the rug. So, I do think Q1 will have great rev numbers with a lot more sugary quotes - enough to get it back to .03 or better by the end of next month or beginning of June. Wouldn't hold too much past earnings though. If it does pop, the shorts will be back (i.e. ME!!).

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