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  • jobertlik1 jobertlik1 Apr 23, 2012 4:53 PM Flag


    so if people are saying Facebook is going to be worth 100 billion when they go public, and they have annual revenues of say $4 billion or so. That means they will be worth 25x more than their revenue. If muscle pharm can be worth 25x more than their revenue of a projected 75 million that means that they should have a market cap of about 1.875 billion. That means their share price can be about 1.31!! Just wishful thinking. I think Facebook is greatly overvalued and know this is just more hype about Facebook than anything. LONG MSLP.
    PS just making conversation all i read is bashers and spam it gets annoying like to talk to some real people once in a while.

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    • Diffrent companies get different multiples in different industies.

      Its hard to put a multiple on MP because 1) they have never turned a profit, so you cant have a multiple of null, and two they keep diluting and 3) there arent any public traded companies that i know of that exactly match their business model.

      Facebook is not anywhere in the same universe as MP. They have a history of growth and positive earnings and strong leadership.

      MP has a history of debt, dilution, and ridiculous uncontrolled spending, and Management who has already driven one company just like MP into bankruptcy.

      If you want something to compare MP to, check these people out.

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