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  • one5luv1 one5luv1 May 12, 2012 6:12 PM Flag


    I call bull.I think Savage and Evan are the same person. Why on earth would hmmmm (Evan) not reveal something significant if it were credible. I mean if he honestly figured out some cryptic message sent by this (Savage) character, who had inside info, (Evan) would have no liability or legal issues in sharing. In fact i'm sure if there were a (Savage) he would want whoever solved the cryptic message, to freely spread the word as he could not legally. It is so shady, and this is the last straw for me i will sell all i have monday.

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    • hell yeah... just email me.. this screen name is my email.. @yahoo hit me up bro..

    • hahahahaha I am not savage and if you are going to sell based on the fact that I wont tell you something that I have worked my ass off to find out then that just plain downright sucks for you.

      Savage has come out and said that its going to be more of a partnership than a buyout with UA. I am telling you right now that if it does happen then UA will not be the major player in the partnership, there is another HUGE entity that will be in the partnership and that entity is actually what will link MP and UA together.

      Read savages posts. look at the words he is using, and the name he gave out.

      Also its not just savage that dropped hints. There are multiple other people dropping me hints, and everything fits. You have to be delusional to think that there are NO insiders among us on these boards. Do your DD and put in the time to actually formulate scenarios about everything and you can figure it out I promise.

      Ask yourself this.. If you were given hints privately would you go put that info out publicly and lose the trust of your source? Negative..

      Another reason why I don't want to be extremely specific is because the deal is not written in stone yet, hasn't been signed. This whole partnership thing is not guaranteed so I do not want to put information out there as a fact, when its not really a complete fact.

      Just hold your shares and you will see. Do I need to email you screen shot of my MSLP holdings to prove to you that I have a million shares and that I am already in the green? I could sell now and make a profit, but nothing close to what I could make if I hold on...

      Sift through this board and iHub and find these people dropping hints.. then write down the hints on a piece of paper then find common ground between them..

    • I would not buy or sell based on what either one of them are 'hinting" at


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      • There hinting at thoughts of a partnership that won't occur until 2013 from what they are saying. From my readings of what there saying and some additional research on ihub.... there are thoughts of possible partnerships. Here's the real deal.... any company going to bring in 75 million in revenue is most likely going to create other partnerships.. that's what businesses do. I don't believe there is any legit legit news for now.. but i'm sure that MP is obviously going to have some partnership in the future, which they already do with UFC. Partnerships are part of business. As a weight lifter, MP had cool clothing, but the real money maker is supplements... so i don't fully understand the UA thought process.

    • Evan and Savage are not the same.

      You're selling because of two others on an investment board? You shouldn't be investing at all. Especially since earning announce Tuesday and it would be smarter to sell into the pump. Duh.

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