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  • evanhowington evanhowington Jun 5, 2012 11:20 PM Flag

    what do yall think..

    what i put on the iHub board..

    To be honest I would rather see the products tested first, then put on the shelves.. Thats just me. I would hate to see a product pulled for reformulation or recalled due to contaminants when it could have all been avoided by just doing the testing before hand..

    I'm not so sure that the switch to IC has so much to do with a cheaper testing, more than likely deciding between the two certification agencies and choosing the more premier of the two.. here is HFL's website.

    with this we are not only getting Informed Choice certification but also 'INFORMED SPORT" certification..

    here is Informed Sports list..
    looks identical to the HFL list huh.. so i'm seeing a double bang for your buck... one test 2 certifications.

    here is Informed Sports website

    a little excerpt from the IC page..

    Is HFL a WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) accredited laboratory?

    HFL was only the 34th laboratory in the world to be accredited by WADA/IOC. Experience within this elite environment has provided a unique understanding of the regulatory environment from a laboratory perspective.
    WADA now prohibits any of its accredited labs from providing testing services to supplement companies. HFL voluntarily withdrew its WADA accreditation in 2007, ensuring that a high integrity service could be provided to address issues of quality assurance within the trade.
    HFL remains part of the WADA community, undertaking WADA-funded research contracts into drug detection in sport.

    Another from HFL page..

    We have experience of testing within the framework of the World
    Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and maintain ISO 17025 accreditation for testing sports supplements to control contamination with banned substances. This helps athletes to manage the risk of an inadvertent positive drug test by choosing supplements that are prepared to the highest quality control standards.

    I knew I saw HFL somewhere..

    So now we are moving to a supplement certifier that has WADA/IOC accreditation just before the 2012 Olympic games.. coincidence?

    also understand that the WADA has been pushing the Professional sports leagues in this country for some time now.. heres a couple articles.. hell just pick one,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.,cf.osb&fp=5839371f70c4bd8d&biw=1372&bih=798

    Now tell me moving to an HFL, WADA recognized laboratory over NSF is not a good thing..

    I have not seen anywhere that the NSF has made any headway in any sport.. I'm starting to be able to build a case of how the NSF is crappy.... look at all of the doping articles you can pull up still to this day.. Mind you the Football ones were late last year towards the end of the season..

    Seems the NSF was a small fish in the game.. I fully expect with Informed Choice and Informed Sport logos on the products, Iceland will grovel to let MP in.. and MP should say NO go away Iceland just kidding!

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    • Man, that's really exciting...I'm assuming the fact that you mention the olympic games means that you think sales will skyrocket for athletes? I'm really hoping MP will be a sponsor for the games with a bunch massive MP signage all over for the WORLD to see!

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