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  • texanfanfb texanfanfb Jul 10, 2012 4:10 PM Flag

    Dr. TJM??

    Hey Doc if you're still around care to give your opinion on what's about to occur? Why the sudden increase in PPS with no PR? Still think MP goes bankrupt?
    For newbies this guy is an oracle because he was dead on multiple times with the movement of this stock when it ran to .038 range. Called the Price to the exact decimal at times.

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    • I think that before you go throwing numbers at the Doc, you need to re-read what he said in his initial post in this thread. It has many good points and wasn't bashing you. The person that lashes out at minor offenses, however, IS typically the dumbest guy in the room though.

      He's probably long in this company (like everyone else that owns MSLP stock) because they have a fantastic product and there is the chance that they could get bought out by a company that actually knows how to manage a business, or they are given a "come to jesus meeting" by the board.

      Take some time to deflate, bruinfanmslp. If you wish not to be slung trash your way, then don't post comments on this site that are equally as valuable.

    • You're one of those Monday morning QBs who like to tell everyone what move they made AFTER the fact. I tell people what to do and what I'm going to do BEFORE I do it. Anyone can claim they bought in at .013 like you want us to believe.

      I'm long but am just sitting on the shares because I don't want the cap gains hit right now. Like I said, the stock is dead unless someone buys these idiots out. I'm not a basher. I'm a realist and yes, I am very bitter because this company with these products should and would be over $1 if anyone with half a brain was running it.

      Even with all this stuff you're so excited about, the stock is still averaging like 4 million shares a day. That equates to approx $75,000 of TOTAL MONEY changing hands in an entire day. With these shares diluted to oblivion, it's gonna take a 100million share day just to move it a penny. And you're predicting a move from 1.8 to 5 cents when the numbers come out? C'mon man. It's like 3rd grade math. I just can't continue this conversation anymore.

    • How about this....

      You predicted .05 once the prelim numbers come out. I said it does squat and I don't care what the numbers are. If the stock goes over .025 after the numbers come out, I will never post again. Doesn't even need to get remotely close to your stupid prediction. I'm never wrong with this stock. Look it up.

    • I'm here....thoroughly disgusted but still long. What frustrates me the most is how such a good product is totally wasted on these morons who have no idea how to run a company or create shareholder value.

      3 mysterious executives (why aren't they saying their names?? Probably because Pyatt isn't one of the participants) are giving back $90,000 in cash and 80 million shares in stock isn't the real news. The real news is how f--ked up it is that these guys awarded themselves almost 6% of the entire company's market cap just in stock bonuses in the first place. Stop applauding them. This is like an NCAA football team punishing itself before Big Brother has a chance to hammer them. This is NOT "voluntary". If you get a bonus based on cooked numbers and you keep it after the cooked numbers are corrected, you go to jail. These guys are so narcissistic that they want an "atta boy" for giving it back. I want to know how - given the state of the company and the laughable stock price - these guys got 80 million shares handed to them. Sit down and stop cheering.

      Tired of also reading about how great it is the MP got Gary Davis from Your previous CFO apparently can't count, so out he goes and you bring in a ringer to help fix the embarrassment of overstated numbers and delayed earnings release. Considering this financial mess, the new CFO is probably the most important hire you're gonna make. So, you go out and grab yourself a 58 yr old nobody who leaves his previous company for a whopping $130,000. These guys are buying $375K cars for mouth-breathers who can't string 4 words together, but they're paying probably the most important guy in the company 130 grand a year? How f--ked up are THOSE priorities?

      I don't post anymore because nobody sees through all the BS. Everyone here just blurts out stupid predictions without merit, thinking they alone can move the stock. The company is a mess and it's run by morons who would have run it into the ground by now except for the fact the the products they produce are so good, it should be enough to always bail them out. The sad part is if you threw everyone out and started over with an intelligent, well-respect management team coupled with these products, they first off, wouldn't be a laughing stock on Wall St but more importantly, would have the stock well over $1 and on the NASDAQ inside 1 year. I'm hanging in there for now but I really have the feeling it's dead money. Such a waste.

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