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  • Hey gang,
    I am new here and looking for a little info on MP.
    Have they ever filed for bankruptcy? I had read that they were on the verge once.

    I like their products so don't want to see them go and would like to buy some stock but don't want to throw away what little bit $ I have.

    Hey I know it is all a gamble.

    Thanks and have a great day.

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    • Investing is one thing but at some point you have to cut your loses. Management hasn't done much for the investor...are we supposed to go on faith? That's not a sound investment strategy. I need hard facts!

    • Scam means no products, just promoting something without anything to show for it. They do have products, and pretty well received ones at that. MSLP is not a scam as Investigator states.

    • Like someone said earlier, this company is frustrating if you watch it day to day. I hope you do choose to stick with it though and not bail. I really like muscle pharm. Their products are better than most on the market and the company has a large handful of doctors working on patents and doing research for further expansion. This company is poised to go big, and the poor management will eventually be highlighted and left in the dust, trust me.

      But until then, welcome to the group and enjoy the daily MSLP roller's quite the doosie ;)

    • Its like you said, a gamble. Don't buy into this company if you are afraid to lose it. This company can go big either way, it can make a huge move up and you can easily triple your money and some or you can lose it all. I personally have thousands invested that i am not afraid to lose and as frustrating as this company is i still believe it has huge upside potential. But there is still a chance they go bankrupt if they keep spending money like idiots. If you might need this money in a few months don't waste your time because the daily swings will make you crazy.

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