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  • jjmill2 jjmill2 Jul 26, 2012 6:03 PM Flag

    Sales and questions

    Sales are amazing. Company is growing.

    After reading the last PR...There does not neccessarily have to be a rev split, correct?

    I am looking for this to hit a nickel. Anyone think this is a possiblity in the next 6 months?

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    • Yes, at least .05, if not more. I use their products everyday, they work great !!!
      Also check out FITX, same price as MSLP, also a supplement company, just getting started, has had some nice upward moves lately.

    • Okay, so sales are getting better but look at how much it cost them to produce their sales. This past quarter it cost them 77.8% of the total sale at the point of transaction (before the interest on loans are paid back) which is one of their best quarters yet, sadly.

      The numbers ARE, however, reflecting a growth in the company.
      The downside is the debt that the are accruing to get to the size they are now. With the fluctuations being like they are, it doesn't seem impossible to say mslp will hit a nickel, but it is unlikely.

      You must keep into account that this stock doesn't work like most stocks because it is not on any exchange. It's an OTC, which means it is only traded amongst some of the dimwits on this message board, Brad Pyatt and his gang. This means that with any good sign of large gains in financial statements, it will take a week or so to be reflected in the per share price.

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      • For every dollar in sales they spend nearly $2. They have 2.5B shares outstanding there management runs the company to line their pockets, there's a possibility of a reverse split, they just formed a partnership with a offshore banking/investment firm (sketchy) and you want to know if its going to go to a nickel. Reread the PR and past news on MSLP. I love the stock, i think they make great products but the company is so poorly managed I would not count on this stock doing much until they reduce the # of o/s and get rid of 2 of the key executives that have been running the company and also abusing shareholders.
        We'll be lucky if we see this go to 2.5 cents.

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