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  • eight.ball63 Nov 6, 2012 6:27 AM Flag

    ***Reverse Split = Reloading***

    A reverse stock split followed by new authorized shares is nothing more than "reloading" shares so you can get DILUTED more. This places the old shareholders in a small basket and exposes them to new dilution. The beauty of this move is that the company did it without a shareholder vote and forced it down your throats. MSLP is suffering a death spiral due to toxic financing and has no choice but to do what is now the obvious move of reloading. The new shares will do nothing but go towards paying off the toxic financing. Otherwise, MSLP would end up just like MCLN, IMDS, JUNP and all the others that took money from these people. This is a very very risky move because the share price will be much much higher and very sensitive to the markets. This could fuel the death spiral.

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    • Your opinion about their strategy can be very true. Another point of view is that this move can put MSLP in a better position financially by attracting investors in a better stock exchange. If my theory is right, and combine it with upcoming financials that are positive or at least trending the right way can really help the company take off. What they really need to do if their motives are pure is to communicate with us - the shareholders! Tell us what's going on and why rather than constantly speculate their every move. Reassure us that you have our sincere interest at heart and what you're intent is. I can't help but think there's something shifty going on when you fail to be transparent. Either way I'm holding in hopes this deal works out.


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