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  • omarhatesyoutube omarhatesyoutube Feb 15, 2013 7:18 AM Flag

    #$%$ these guys

    seriously these overpaid athletes.. now run overpaid company.. generating sales by bribing distributors and paying athletes to tweet about the product.. as soon as the turn the cash spigot off to get profitable their sales growth collapses.. products are FILLED with fake reviews.. on bodybuilding website all their products or buy one get one free.. only way they can survive.. everyone hates the free samples.. s soon as the entire marketplace has tried this stuff... they will have no more customers.

    Just dilute the comapny. frost is too old and senile and all his companies are jsut playthings where he buys up shares for fun and games.. they are all money loosing ventures. Frost doesn't care about making money any more. he Just wants to play around with it. None of his companies will be profitable OPK.. money loser forever. Except share price rises because he buys it relentlessly. ect ect

    This #$%$ will dilute double by year end to pay pampered sports execs 500 grand.. and get this.. RAISES! they got raises for #$%$ their shareholders. Frost only owns 11% these guys still control the company.. prepare for continued AFing.. your only hope is Frost starts buying on the open market

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