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  • mofisher22 mofisher22 Mar 13, 2013 11:26 AM Flag

    Question regarding MSLP

    I understand that the stock has a lot of potential, I already own some, the field is going to continue to grow. My question is regarding the amount of shares outstanding, I believe on yahoo it shows around 5 million. Is that accurate? If sp grows, will they do a split? Is the low amount of shares a reason for the volatility?

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    • Yahoo is outdated and some of their numbers are even pre-split. There are currently 2.7mill shares outstanding after the 1:850 split. However, the 8-K the investors received announcing the split said that number (post-split) was approved to be increased to 100M shares. Ginormous dilution.

    • when some of you guys finish your workout, if you have expertise in MSLP , I would appreciate a response.

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      • I bought in about six weeks ago. I like the way Frost gets involved in companies, making money the old fashion way... pps appreciation. This is an otc so it's going to be volatile. I believe they are going to pump the pps and get it listed on an exchange. I think that is their goal. Frost has got the guys to buy in to making the stock price go up. That is how you get rich for the long term. I did check out the product in GNC, speaking in depth with the clerk. There are many ways they can market their products/sell them, they haven't scratched the surface. But Frost will make sure to maximize profits, and make the balance sheet look good. There aren't many folks like this left in USA. Make PPS rise, not fleece the profits. I am confident about this being a 5 or 10 bagger, but it could always fizzle. $150 million market cap may be in the future, they could buy growth or get bought. I do not go to the gym, or take whey and creatin. Following these boards everyday, is not healthy or productive, dont get emotionally attached or take offense by fools. MSLP is presenting today, I look forward to see how they come across, wont get press, but a few folks will slowly come and see. I am long OPKO, too. I like it and think they make a good one two punch if someone has some money to invest/trade/gamble

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