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  • deacon.debra deacon.debra May 14, 2013 9:53 AM Flag

    The local GNC

    Stores in my area all have a very small space for MSLP products. I've been in most of them, one store has 2 half shelves of product. Why bother selling this product if when a customer comes in they steer the customer to the GNC brand. "the GNC brand is cheaper and just as good and in some cases better than MSLP" is what one saleswoman said to me.

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    • Believe it our not, there are other places beside GNC that sell supplements. I would be a majority purchase them online. I know I do.

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      • I understand that. I do own shares of MSLP and I know there's a lot of their product being sold on their web site, ebay and Amazon just to name a few places. I just think for GNC to use MSLP products to help promote theirs is bad business. I wasn't going to buy anything form them anyway, just happen to be in the malls a lot. I go into these GNC's and specifically ask about MSLP products and get steered to GNC products is a bad way o treat one of their suppliers.

    • This post was not meant to bash MSLP in any way. It was meant to expose GNC for what it is. They can say they sell other co. products but go in one and ask for another co. product and see if they don't steer you to one of their comparable products.

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      • I worked at a GNC in college and they get commission on their own products and special commissions weekly on specific products. You should never listen to what the sales people say as they will pump the products that get them be best commissions. Also, MSLP might be more expensive in a GNC store but it is definitely not more expensive online.

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