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  • mtc44380 mtc44380 May 21, 2013 4:40 PM Flag

    How did everyone find out about this stock?

    I am just curious how everyone found out about this stock? Is anyone holding from before the split (like me)? There wasn't a lot of publicity before the split - obviously. I was skeptical until the secondary offering, then I saw Dr. Frost, who I know a lot about from OPK was the big buyer. Then the clean balance sheet and the earnings last Q prompted me to buy more shares, since after the split I was only holding a handful of shares, so I almost tripled my holdings with a new buy at 10.50 @ the open. My previous average was 8.25 split adjusted.
    GLTA - this should be a fun one to watch over the next year.

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    • ctruman May 22, 2013 12:37 PM Flag

      I was up early one Sunday morning, and had the tv on while I sat at the computer, waiting for Meet the Press to come on. What was on in the background was a 30 min. infomercial from redchip. Like most investors, I research every stock that comes across my radar, and one of the last companies profiled was MusclePharm. They had Pyatt on there talking about Frost's investment, and their uplisting, so I did some research on the company at my computer. The following week I bought in @ 5.50.

      The nice thing about following a billionaire investor like Frost into a stock like this is that I know he and his people have already done more in-depth research on the company and the market than I could ever do. Rock on.

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    • I started researching Whole Foods and read about MSLP and other pure play "healthy living" stocks. I like MSLP because it has great growth potential imho. Good luck to all :)

    • I am really into fitness, i had used their product. A budy told me they were publically traded.

    • I was an OPK investor and found out about this stock when Dr. Frost bought into the secondary. I thought if it was good enough for him, I'd give it a try. I waited until after the initial pop and started buying in at $5, I think we can see $16 this year, and maybe $24 next year.

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