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  • mtc44380 mtc44380 May 30, 2013 10:11 PM Flag

    Listing on an exchange?

    So I know that they applying to be listed (most likely the NASDAQ) - its alot cheaper than the NYSE, and I think that would be smart for them. Why pay 250,000 for the NYSE when you can pay 75,000 for NASDAQ.
    If I am reading the information right, they will need a market cap of 100mil+ to meet the requirements - I think they meet everything else as for cash flow, outstanding shares, etc.
    I do think more shares would have been nice, a 500/1 reverse split for example. I would prefer the volume to be over 200K/day instead of barely 100K, and i am not sure how hot and heavy trading will be, since the float is 'low'.

    That is good for holders though, since if you want the stock, its harder to buy it, but in reverse, its also harder to sell it. I think more liquidity would have been nice - but I obviously like the position they are in.
    ALSO, if/when it doesnt creep up to 30 or 40, I wouldnt mind a 2:1 split to increase the shares, bring down the price and allow for more volume. Just my 2 cents - what say you?

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