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  • supapat7 supapat7 Jun 7, 2013 4:48 PM Flag

    My experience with Muscle Pharm

    This is just a post about my experience with MP. I have been familiar with Muscle Pharm for probably close to three years. I first learned about MP from watching the UFC. I only saw the logo and thought it looked cool. For the next two years I saw different UFC fighters wear the logo. Eventually I would find out what they did from a friend of mine who likes to go to the gym. Although he hasn't tried their products, he did buy a couple shirts because he liked the logo and brand. Fast-forward to March we had been talking about preferred stock in my investments class. That same day I went to do some research about preferred stock and I came across a Yahoo MP article. I read the article and did a small analysis of the stock. The company seemed to be much smaller (revenue etc) than I had thought. This is probably because I was familiar with the MP brand and since I was I thought everyone was. I thought this company was a great value stock and decided to put a little money (I am a student so I mean a little) into it. I bought in around March at $6. To my pleasure the following weeks it was up past 11. My goal is to just hold on for a couple years and hopefully sell around 20-24. (Maybe buy a little more soon)

    The more the stock shot up the more I wanted to learn more about MP. I have some other gym buddies and I had talked to them about it. They said they had tried some of their products and were fans. In recent years I have put on about 70 pounds. I decided the best way to get to know their product would be to try it. I am a little scared of supplements so I decided to just start off with a 30 day supply of assault. It works crazy good. I have been using for about three weeks. It is crazy how much just the minimum dosage has helped my workouts. To put it shortly I can exercise longer, harder, and without as much fatigue as before. I really enjoy going to the gym. I can tell you from first hand experience that MP products work.

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    • I also left out that the taste is lacking in the assault formula, but I don't have anything to compare it too. It kind of tastes like theraflu with a less medicine taste and a hint of whatever flavor you got.

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      • ctruman Jun 14, 2013 10:33 AM Flag

        I have been using the combat powder for a couple of months, and really liked it, so I tried out the Assault for the first time today. The blue arctic raspberry flavor is not great, not bad, but I am not drinking it for the taste. I used a half scoop, since I am in my 40's and normally work out 3 days a week, but don't kill myself like I used to in the gym.
        This stuff is amazing! I don't really feel any different, no jitters or nervousness, so I didn't think it was working until I started lifting. I did my regular workout, and then felt so good that I went back and did an extra set on everything, which I have never done before. Now I have been home for about an hour, and I am almost ready to go back to the gym and do my whole workout again! Normally my muscles are tired for at least six hours after my workout, but today they are not sore at all, and they feel like they want to be pushed much harder.
        I am interested to see if Assault works as well after I have been using it consistently for a few months, because my body may get used to it....but for now, I don't think I will be working out without it..

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