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  • eluminatlng69 eluminatlng69 Jun 8, 2013 9:12 PM Flag

    Please read

    I work out regularly. I've built my body up to where I started entering BB contest. I was considered one of the best in my area. I started using MSLP products about 3 months ago and now all my muscles are gone. That's right, they're gone. I had a 58 inch chest, I had huge arms but now I have small arms and a 30 inch chest. I kept working out like I always did in the past but little by little my muscles went away. I look like a weakling now. 30 years od bodybuilding gone in 3 months. I can't understand why anyone would by this product or this co. stock. Buy WIN, that's a good co. and it won't make your muscles go away.

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      Well isn't that just a bummer. You might need to get that cocoa butter cream to tighten up all your loose skin, since you are now missing 28inches around your chest.
      Are you sure you were just fat and had a 58inch chest, and then you used MSLP products, lost a lot of weight and now you have a smaller chest?? That would be more believable.

    • In all my years of trading and checking message boards this has to be the weakest attempt at a hit piece I have ever seen. Not sure if you're short, wanting to go long and a cheaper price or what but please let me know what your plans are so I can get on the other side of that trade.

    • Do you mind posting a link to the before and after pics? Id be glad to post countless accounts of all the customers who have exceeded their workout goals in 3 months and put on a significant amount of muscle.

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