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  • mtc44380 mtc44380 Aug 10, 2013 8:53 AM Flag


    So it seems as though we are on track to list on the NASDAQ in the next month or 2, which is great news. I do want to pose a question however.... (Since we have more traffic on the boards now)
    Anyone have any ideas what analysts/street will expect from MSLP, what I mean is that WE as investors have an idea of that types of numbers they will post by the numbers that the company gives us, but these are not analyst numbers. What will be the street expectations is really what I am wondering?!
    Obviously its hard to know, but I would expect interest in the stock to rise significantly, brand recognition is there, but mostly among younger (30 and under) people, but the growth prospects of this company will bring in the old guys (ie. Phillip Frost is already in, who will be next)
    Do we have numbers for 2014 yet? I better listen to the Bluher conference. Did he raise any guidance for this Q or 3Q, because I think it will be substantially better than the 105mil projected before. I think we can tops 125mil with this new COSTCO deal.

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    • 1 month down, maybe 1 to go. Hopefully by years end, that would be nice.

    • ctruman Aug 10, 2013 10:20 AM Flag

      IMO analysts will generally not cover an OTC stock, so it is really impossible to say at this point. Once we get on the Nasdaq, analysts will initiate coverage, and that will be a catalyst in and of itself. How will they value a company which had $4 million in revenue in 2010 and $105 m in 2013? Probably pretty highly. Also, this is a company which is just now expanding into retail, which leads to the next part of your question.

      If you haven't heard the presentation yet, make it a priority to listen to it as soon as they post the replay.
      It was only 30 minutes, and the first half was blah blah blah background on the company and mgmt. The second half was a discussion of how we will expand into retail. Costco was mentioned, as we already have a deal with them.

      Target was mentioned 4-5 times, specifically in relation to FitMiss. This will probably be our next retail contract.
      VitaminWorld, which already carries FitMiss, is preparing to "devote an entire wall" to Fitmiss alone as part of the new marketing push.

      Walmart (surprisingly) was mentioned as an upcoming partner for the Arnold line. I had assumed that Arnold was going to be high-end for bodybuilders alone, but this is not the case. Very high margins, resulting in a lower price point than MP products, will make it perfect for Walmart, which requires more reasonably priced items. Arnold's name will provide brand recognition immediately.

      CVS and Walgreens were also mentioned as possible partners for the various product lines.

      They are going to cater each product line for the specific needs of each retailer for maximum impact. (Walmart demands lower pricing, Target has 70% women customers, etc. etc.).

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      • The Nasdaq listing is not necessarily going to lead to increased analyst coverage as the market cap is still fairly low for any big brokerage to get excited. On the upside, a NASDAQ listing will bring increased liquidity and the involvement of market makers which will put the company on the radar screen for institutional investors who so far were no able to hold the shares given the low trading volumes. Meeting or exceeding revenue and EPS guidance going forward will be the key driver of the share price. Recent developments seem supportive of further revenue growth. Wednesday will key for setting growth expectations.

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      • I cant wait for the ER and CC to see what is ahead and how things are going. Of course, ill be out of town on business all next week, so if anything crazy happens, I wont know until after the trading day. Just my luck.

        I think you are correct in your idea that more retail will be coming - they would be silly not to push for more retail, especially given the repsonse to just online sales. I think Arnold will be bigger than most people think - however I fear it will take away sales from the other divisions. BUT, if its all going to the bottom line, I dont care where the sales come from.

        If earnings look good again this Q, I think there will be another small analysis company come out with a target near $20 and a buy, in anticipation of the uplisting, and then of course MORE to follow in the next year.

        I also think, even though Q2 is usually a slow Q, I think its possible to see sales somewhere near 30million, but I think there will be heavy discounts from trying to clear out the old ASSAULT. My target for the Q is 27-28million.

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      • ctruman Aug 10, 2013 10:23 AM Flag

        The big push into retail is going to take MP into the stratosphere IMO. Remember that until now, virtually all sales have been online. I don't think anyone buys MP at GNC because their markup is ridiculous. Big partners will mean big sales and big brand recognition among retail consumers.

        Bluher mentioned that supplement companies have been harrassing Arnold for the past 20 years to put his name on supplements, but he has always refused because he didn't like their operations/offerings. The fact that He has signed with MP should not be underestimated. His brand already exists and is well-recognized. Hope this helps.

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