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  • gjcarlson gjcarlson Aug 14, 2013 2:52 PM Flag

    Wow, just reviewed some of the comments on this board today.

    You folks need to listen to the cc before you short or for that matter, buy without knowing the facts. Some of the outrageous comments like the one time charge that some of you think is a continuing charge or expense. Please do some basic dd before embarrass yourselves.

    My guess at this point is that this level will be the last chance to get in or double down. This is truly a growth stock whose fortune is nearing quickly. Finally, let me say that this management team is impressive who are concern about shareholder value and input. How refreshing is that?

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    • Fkk, yes I hear you on those points. Neither frosty or Arnold need to sell and if it were these two, this company is toast. But what I suspect that low volume drop is not indicative of the overall ownership.

      This management is trying to dig the company out of a hole and have done a remarkable job. Giving stock to someone like Arnold is an up front payment for use of his name and also builds in motivation to build shareholder value. All of that to say, wish I had some extra cash to add to my position, what a price!

      Hoping for a rebound tomorrow.

    • ... im baffled by the price action, the numbers they posted doesnt justify a 10% drop in pps. I guess i should buy a little more.

      Sentiment: Buy

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      • I think one of the unfortunate consequences of using your company's stock as currency is that it ends up in weak hands. If someone GIVES you something, any sales price represents pure profit for you. I HOPE the dumping is being done by Arnold and/or Frost, and/or "the consultants" - i.e., all the people that have been given free or discounted shares.

        The biggest problem I see with the earnings report & CC, in my opinion, is that "net operating income after one-time non-cash items" is down $2.5M while revenue is up by $3.0M. This could obviously raise concerns that the Q2 results were doctored (see my previous concerns about that), and that the company is growing sales w/o growing profitability. I don't THINK that's the case - I think that margins this qtr were negatively impacted by a combination of one-time items - that by definition shouldn't recur - plus an increase in headcount, the relative impact of which should decrease as revenue increases. If the impact on margins of these one-time items was significant and quantifiable, management should have - and didn't - quantified it.

        Having said that, the selling pressure today was both MASSIVE (stock is currently down 17.02%) and RELENTLESS (spend most of the day hitting new lows, with the bid almost constantly under the daily low). I HOPE its just idiots unloading a quarter of a million shares.

        It has of late felt like MSLP is giving aways shares like candy on Halloween. I'm not saying this is WRONG - I've certainly never grown a company from nothing to $100M in sales, so I'm no expert.

        But how about rewarding people with stock OPTIONS rather than stock GRANTS?

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