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  • frostisking frostisking Sep 3, 2013 10:03 AM Flag

    I like what Pyatt did

    In investing that money in BZNE. I like it a lot. New inventions, new drug delivery systems, new products and new drugs all make companies a lot of money. Advancement in any area is great. MSLP is trying to come up with a new delivery system for their product and this can also be used with prescription drugs. If this works out it will make them a fortune. There will always be skeptics. I'm sure there were people who said, "You'll never be able to watch a box with people in it, I don't care what Mr. Television says".

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    • I also like what Dr. Frost did. If you have been watching sporting events lately you see more and more of them wearing logo type bandages (i.e. volleyball, tennis, baseball, football soccer) when they have a pulled muscle or sprain. Imagine MSLP and or Chromadex having their products mixed with a pain medication inside of a 10" bandage that can be applied to an injury on the sidelines or after an event. This can be huge and Dr. Frost is piecing it all together.
      Another Frost Co. is NIMU and it has a transdermal scarring (?) type of application already and I believe they are in the mix as well.
      Just think,....pretty soon he will have direct access to advertise all of his new pet project companies products through his Co. IDI engaging hundreds of millions of people in China and around the world.
      This is larger than anybody even has a clue. Frost truly is a genius and I can't even begin to imagine how the guy sleeps at night with so many deals going through his mind.

      Long OPK, MSLP, SFES, IDI, MUX and soon NIMU


      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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