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  • fkk_kass fkk_kass Sep 9, 2013 5:46 PM Flag

    Reposting in its own thread...because it's just THAT good

    Let's try to be real here. I don't know why Arnold didn't endorse a product back in his prime. But in this one instance, chicharonegood is almost certainly correct. - he selected mslp because they gave him money and stock.

    Others would NOT kill to have his name - but they WOULD give him money and stock, just as MSLP did. If Arnold selected MSLP when OTHER companies were willing to give him a BETTER deal, then glcarlson's conclusion that MSLP landed Arnold because of the extraordinary "effectiveness of the product" might bear consideration. But, as usual, the simplest explanation is the most probable one - Arnold probably selected MSLP because they gave him the best deal. It's 2013, and Arnold is a 66-year old, somewhat disgraced star whose endorsement value is nowhere near what it would have been 20 years ago.

    I have no personal experience with nutritional supplements. My guess is that, for the most part, either they all work - or none of them do. If they do work, some can obviously be better than others. And it is possible that MSLP's fortune will be made via technological innovation. If that turns out to be the case, I will apologize for the aspersions I have cast upon the purchase of patents and the BZNE investment.

    But when you listen to the investor presentations, the company itself all but admits that their products are similar to lots of other products on the market. Their core competency, they say, what sets them apart and is responsible for the tremendous growth, is their BRANDING expertise - the combination of marketing, packaging, celebrity endorsements, etc.

    They have already stated that the Arnold line is going to be low-cost, high-margin because it contains low-end ingredients. This is their "Target" line, not their "Tiffanys" line. So Arnold certainly didn't put his name on it because its the best product on the market!!!

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    • You underestimate the impact of an Arnold endorsement and partnership. While there comes baggage with Arnold, the customers only care about effectiveness, and Arnold's history of competition and movies will be huge.

      We shall see by the end of the month.

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      • gjcarlson, I'm not sure why you think I am underestimating the impact of the Arnold endorsement and partnership - I never gave any indication of how big an impact it would have. I only said that the impact would have been greater 20 years ago, when Arnold was a bigger celebrity.

        I have never criticized this deal, as it is an entirely appropriate kind of deal for MSLP to make. I am hopeful that the impact will be huge, and that it will turn out to have been a great deal at a reasonable price. Time will tell.

        My post simply indicated my belief that Arnold (of course) did it for the money. Even if MSLP has the best products on the market, the Arnold line will certainly not be the best products on the market - the company has already said this line is targeting the low end of the market, and will be low cost / high-margin. It's going to be made with (relatively) cheap stuff, not "the best stuff on the planet".

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