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  • fkk_kass fkk_kass Oct 1, 2013 12:08 PM Flag

    SEC violation likely occurred,

    2 + 2 = 4.

    ("The Company was recently informed that the Staff has issued a formal order of investigation of the Company." ) + ("When the SEC staff request and receive a formal order, the next stage is a formal investigation. The Commission approves requests for formal orders when it finds that it is likely that a securities law violation has occurred.") = a securities law violation has likely occurred.

    Who knows what that will mean for MSLP long-term? They may yet be cleared entirely. The infraction may have been relatively minor. The SEC may choose to take no action even if there WAS an infraction. I suspect that punishment is proportional to both the severity of the infraction and a company's ability to pay.

    Markets don't react to news, they overreact. MSLP has already recovered quite a bit from it's intra-day lows, hopefully we're not down too horribly by the close.

    Short-term, obviously, this sucks. It hurts the company's reputation, will certainly entail increase legal costs, and could lead to punitive action of unknown severity. It may delay / squash the Nasdaq uplisting.

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    • Yeah, it doesn't look nice from this end - however, the price movement would indicate that there isn't much to worry about - I don't know who is buying these shares.
      At this rate, we might close green (hahha), but seriously, the 7s were an over reaction, I think a close around $10 give or take (most likely take) a quarter.
      I think they may muster up a PR about Walmart, or Target or some other retailer, or early sales of the ARNOLD series, something.
      Kudos to those who picked up shares in the 7s and 8s.

      Sentiment: Buy

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