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  • aayoung Oct 3, 2013 7:01 PM Flag

    My Take on SEC and MSLP

    I believe MSLP is heading (quickly) in the right direction. The SEC investigation is related to issues that occurred back when the books and management were a mess. The causes of those issues are largely resolved and a much more experienced management team is now in place. I do not believe the SEC investigation will have a major bearing on the value of this company, or its continued growth, though it will delay the NASDAQ listing. We do want that uplisting to happen at some point, but more time ot buy on the OTCB is not necessarily a bad thing for those who see the future as bright and want to accumulate. Once it hits NASDAQ, the shares will likely sell at a premium. I believe we will be getting some ASTOUNDINGLY good news related to the new products and distribution agreements now in place and those in the works. I plan to hold my shares and buy more as cash is available. I think we are getting a great discount to intrinsic value due to the SEC hype. This is just my take on MSLP based on my own research...I hope I'm not wrong of course, but I am committed to this investment with what I have researched so far...

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    • Beginning of the END??
      Price is DOWN -$.41.
      SEC investigations can last SIX MONTHS.
      There will be nothing left by then.
      Even if the offenders are gone, the company is still LIABLE for the misdeeds.
      Look for DISGORGEMENT.
      The Arnold products will cost more than any added revenue.
      Shareholders will LOSE!

      • 4 Replies to investig8girl
      • 8girl, I'm sure there is one person out there dumber than you. I have never met one or read a post by one on a message board but I'm sure there is atleast one out there. With a projected $100Million plus in revenue this year and the backing of a multi billionaire you think they won't be able to pay a small fine, if there even is one, by the SEC? I know you're a basher and you look for things to bash this stock about and even make things up but you are really reaching this time. What an idiot.

      • aayoung Oct 11, 2013 3:21 PM Flag

        I personally spoke with the agent in charge of investor relations for MSLP (Scott), who informed me that the SEC issues were primarily related to fairly small perks given to executives in the past, which were accounted for incorrectly. The SEC has instigated this investigation in order to be able to force the previous CFO to cooperate with their previously informal investigation. He was not cooperating. Obviously, we are all concerned about this investigation, but it did not sound like a huge issue that would affect the intrinsic value of this company today.

      • If it takes MSLP six months to go to nothing, that will actually be pretty impressive. QQQ was down 1.52 to 77.22 yesterday - it will be at zero in less than THREE months!

      • Yes, the Arnold products will certainly cost more than any added revenue. In fact, management has explicitly stated that they are setting the PRICE of each product in the Arnold line equal to one-half of the product's COST so that they are GUARANTEED to lose money.


    • Thanks. Most informed investors agree with you and have heard the cc comments and have seen for themselves the products on the shelves, the rankings of the brands on bodybuilding web site and the awards by those in the know (customers). Wished I had more cash and like you will continue to buy when cash becomes available.

      See ya, and good luck!

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