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  • gjcarlson gjcarlson Oct 12, 2013 8:19 AM Flag

    #12 today

    Will Arnold overtake MP at #2 ? We will know in 2 weeks!

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    • Im just waiting to see the first ARNOLD product pop up on the TOP50 list for best sellers, im sure it has to be available for a while to make the list - new products don't appear on that list.
      MSLP continuously has 7-9 products making up the top50, with COMBAT and ASSAULT always in the top10. They have been the #2 brand for months, and ARNOLD will soon be popping into the top10.
      Im not sure any new product release has EVER gained as much momentum as the ARNOLD series. Big things to come.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • Every Arnold sale is a LOSS for MSLP's other products.
      In addition, then they have to PAY Arnold.
      He will be selling his "free" shares, driving the price DOWN another $1 or $2.
      This could drive another reverse split, real soon.

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      • investig8girl turns out to be correct about Arnold sales CANNIBALIZING MSLP's other products - Assault just dropped from #5 to #4.

        This ain't good...

      • Yes, you are absolutely right. Management has intentionally arranged it so that every $1 in Arnold sales causes a $2 decline in sales of OTHER MSLP products. AND management has intentionally set the price of Arnold products at exactly half the cost of manufacture, ensuring that MSLP loses money on every transaction. AND management has arrange to pay Arnold (the man) $1.5 for every $1 in sales of Arnold (the product line). And every $1 in sales strengthens all of MSLP's competitors.

        investig8girl, please provide other compelling reasons why every Arnold sale is a terrible thing for MSLP.

        Also, I know that MSLP management has intentionally done all these things to ensure that shareholders never realize a penny in profit. Remind me again WHY they've done that?

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