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  • d_rhee2k d_rhee2k Nov 8, 2013 8:49 PM Flag

    I'm long MSLP, but #$%$

    Whether the bashers want to admit it or not, this company creates an excellent product that is used by many and have done a great job in their marketing abilities. I'm staying long for at the least another year as the chips I'm using is play money, however... Who in their right ****ing mind invests in a .04 penny stock? I'm long because Muscle Pharm does have some of the most popular products on the market right now and as an avid gym rat, the Arnold Series is already making a name for itsself as a great brand. The pumps you can get from Assault are phenomenal, give it a shot. I'm long beacuse their sales potential is incredible. I'm not long to have a young management team make penny stock market gambles. Seriously, #$%$. I've only wagered play money on the company, but get your **** together Brad! The average gym goer doesn't need new "innovative" ways to absorb supplements. Digesting them seems good enough! We've been doing that since man's inception...

    Sentiment: Hold

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