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  • plasticgolfer plasticgolfer Nov 21, 2013 9:32 PM Flag

    Calm down people...

    Sure, I would rather not pay board members and execs as much, but if you believe that the company will continue to grow at a fast pace, then it is really small potatoes in the long run.

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    • There is certainly a large element of truth in what you say, despite the condescending tone (I don't think anyone was "jumping off a bridge" crazy, and desperately in need of your calm, steadying, cool-headed voice of reason). At the same time,.... Imagine that as you and I passed each other on the street, I slapped you in the face as hard as I could.

      In the long run, this would really be small potatoes. You would suffer no permanent injury, and you would hopefully go on to lead a long, prosperous, and happy life.

      Yet I think it unlikely that your reaction would be "no worries, be happy!".

      And when you indignantly described the incident to your husband / wife / mistress / sheep / life partner, I think it unlikely that you would appreciate a response of "what's the big deal?" from him / her / it.

      Just saying.

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      • I agree that even though something may be "small potatoes" in the long run, does not mean it isn't meaningful or relevant in the short run. I don't know how my words were condescending, so please enlighten me. No one was "jumping off a bridge" crazy and I never suggested such thing, those are your words. People were saying how the stock was going to (jump off a bridge) tank and it is going to be a rough day for the stock, which I did not agree with.

        Your example is quite laughable especially from someone who accused me of being condescending. I never said "whats the big deal?" in fact I said I wish they hadn't given more shareholder money away and then I chose to keep things in perspective of the long term viability and success of the company.

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