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  • Can someone with more experience with this stock explain to me the direction? I remember hearing years ago about the reverse split with the intention of getting on the NASDAQ is that anywhere in sight? Have those that went through the split made money? Also I understand the appeal to low float stocks with low dilution and its huge potential with good news, but when a stock like muscle pharm is only trading 20,000 shares a day it seems to be doing itself a disservice any rumors of splitting again? Thanks guys, I'm actually a big fan of the product and see huge potential in this company over the next few years if things are done right, just seems like their approach to shareholders is a little disconcerting.

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    • All the answers to your questions are found deep in this message board. fk+kass and I have discussed these issues.
      NASDAQ is still an option, but hasn't developed as planned quite yet.
      Depends where you bought before the split, my average of the split was around $5, however, I didn't have enough shares to matter when they were divided by 850.
      There will probably be a dilution coming in the next year or so, IF they get listed on the NASDAQ they should probably issue more shares to get more liquidity. Good thing is, the issue price could be north of $8, they could raise that in no time.
      Potential for the company is there - just some things weighing them down. This Q numbers and CC will be awaited by many who were a little unsure of their 2014 guidance, and we will hear more about that in about a month.

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