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  • mtc44380 mtc44380 Feb 26, 2014 12:10 PM Flag


    Where you at? We got trolls running through the board now - you have any thoughts on this leg down.... we were sitting at 'resistance' around 7.10 and now we have got below that. This movement worries me, however, I don't think this can go much lower.... BUT ive said that at $8.
    Any thoughts??
    We need some numbers to come out soon (except usually the stock does down after numbers, no matter how good). Its baffling to me. All those free shares are killin this stock.

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    • I've got no insight into the drop, just a reaction of 'wow".

      Markets aren't particularly rational, and it sucks when you're on the wrong end of market irrationality. And unfortunately that's where we appear to be, at least from a fundamentals perspective.

      The recent SA article concerns me. The shareholder's update provided enough information to DEDUCE some numbers that WEREN'T provided and make seemingly-reasonable GUESTIMATES about other numbers that weren't provided.

      In an earlier post, I combined the 2013 loss per share that WAS provided in the update with the total loss per share as of Sep 30 and my guess as to the Y/E share count to estimate the Q4 earnings figure - and came up with an awesome result.

      The SA author used information in the update to deduce that Q4 gross margins will come in very low - around 24%. And his math seems to be right. I can't reconcile 24% gross margins with the $2M+ NET profit figure (i.e., after non-cash charges) I was expecting for Q4 - either non-cash charges or actual expenses would have to decline dramatically, which I am not expecting to happen (these seem to go in only one direction at MSLP, and that is UP). So now I fear yet another disappointing qtr, and yet more assurances that the poor results were a one-time anomaly, and that "we expect margins to return to normal" going forward. And, just maybe, that due to the declining stock price they need to reserve another million (or two, or three) shares to "attract and retain employees".

      And I think the market is sick of hearing that particular song.

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      • The market is in the process of shaking out the weak hands. It can be rather painful but it is necessary for us to move higher. I'll stay on the side of Dr. Frost I would not be surprised to see him pick up some shares in the open market if they go much lower.

      • I did contact IR just for sh**s and giggles and they affirmed those numbers from the prelease they gave, first time being profitable in 2014, so I guess we can wait til those ##s come out. I might pick up a few more shares down here. I thought I already maxxed my position, but another couple cant hurt.
        "It’s all about execution, continuing to grow and do what’s necessary to capture market share and build customer loyalty – and that is what they are doing. They will be reporting results in March but we already preannounced and issued guidance for next year. " is one quote from IR.
        I guess they are definitely building customer loyalty.

    • Not to worry. This dip is a buying opportunity and I'm using it to add more shares. There are too many good things happening with this co. for them to stay down this low for very long.

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