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  • bigjim1437 bigjim1437 Mar 8, 2014 10:17 AM Flag

    What a terrific buying opportunity

    Thanks to the blundering WS gang MSLP continues to be a buy. This company is branding their product beautifully. it takes time but with events like the ASF and Ms. Fitness in their camp it is just a matter of time as the news begins to spread that it will translate into more sales. The first line appears to be holding and even building. People who are promoting the product - like Arnold - are the front line. During this year many will see the connection between MSLPO and how Arnold is trying to re establish the past bodybuilding history and culture to another generation. These are all positives and what that industry desperately need. The videos are awesome and are already gaining in popularity by the number of hits increasing almost daily. The USA wrestling team buy in was another huge pillar for MSLP. Stay tuned this story is just beginning and so fun to watch. The 4% drop yesterday is perfect for those who want to get in at a discount.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • I'm long and holdng on, but with due respect, if u think the 4% drop was a buy, then u must have missed the continuing freefall these past few months from 12 to 6.50 and seemingly going lower to test low of 4 back when.

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      • A test of 4 seems unlikely, but I would not put anything past the market. A $4 pps puts the market cap at only 36 million, which is insanely low when Cytosport (Muscle Milk) has 300 million in sales and is up for sale in the 500 million range. Cytosport is not worth 15x Muscle Pharm on any planet and even at current $6.60 pps and a 60 million market cap, it puts Cytosport at 8x the valuation of Muscle Pharm. I would gladly buy 8 Muscle Pharms vs. 1 Cytosport.

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