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  • rview222 rview222 Mar 31, 2014 11:00 AM Flag

    High P/E already achieved?

    I'm out today--at a current p/e of about 30 times estimated 2014 earnings of .20-.22, I think something fairly dramatic would be required to generate a much higher price in the short term, and I just don't see it happening in such an easy-entry generic business as health food supplements. Sales will probably keep growing, and they probably will make a small profit this year, but where is the major-move excitement going to come from?

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    • Uhhhh. The .20-.22 projection is after non-cash charges for amortization of stock grants that will probably be close to a buck a share. If they actually make .22 a share - and their sales guidance seems almost comically conservative - the forward P/E would be around 6, not 30. Makes a bit of a difference.

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      • I did hear that in the CC, that 0.20 is actually close to a buck when you factor everything else in - That would be UNREAL if they can deliver. Its all a matter of how they can do in these international markets.
        If they can deliver and get the NASDAQ listing, this will be a ridiculous run higher. A PE under 10, high growth and an uplisting. Things could get interesting this year.

    • More movement into retail stores, an uplisting to the NASDAQ and the resignation of Brad Pyatt :)....
      If they can achieve that positive earnings, then it can trade ahead of next years earnings... maybe 0.4-0.50?! Then you are looking at a 30-40x multiple of $15-20/share.
      I think its a stretch, but that's the game. Perhaps they get bought out - private equity? who knows.

      But - to each their own, I have faith though.
      BOL on future endeavors.

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