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  • masamig masamig Mar 19, 2010 1:20 PM Flag

    LYJN Halt trading?


    I don't know if it's just a rumor, but I just heard that. Do they have something shady goin'on and the SEC is gonna halt em? Someone plz tell me

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    • They are or you are full of it and trying to get people to DUMP their shares on the totally un-true rumors as the info. I received the last 2 days totally proves your info. to be false and misleading. Should you want my source, just let me know and I can get you his name.

      This is what he says and why I purchased shares at Friday's low following his advice and I quote the following:

      " LYJN - Update for Friday Date: 03/18/2010 17:05

      Volume on LYJN was insane today, and there was excellent early movement in the price, however it did fade toward the end of the day. This is a fairly typical correction for stock that started as a sub-penny stock.

      I want to let everyone know that I believe LYJN is still an excellent play for us, and it would be advantageous for us to hold it through the weekend. I do think there is a possibility that it could have a small dip tomorrow, but if that happens, I think it's a smart move to increase our positions and get in at a lower price. For any new members, who aren't in LYJN right now, Friday could not be a more perfect time to take a position.

      Here's why:

      Right now it's only correcting because of short sellers (boo), but I feel strongly that the momentum that will build over the weekend could push LYJN into a huge opening on Monday. Getting into LYJN prior to Monday would give the best chance for a nice gain.

      I've kept the information below for any new members to review, as well as included a new press release the company put out today:

      Click Here to read the Lyric Jeans Corporate Update - Released 3/17/10

      I'll probably update us on the weekend, but once again, I like our chances for a jump in the open price on Monday. If we see a dip on Friday, we should look at it as an opportunity to increase positions (which would give us even better percentage gains) if we get the jump we're looking for on Monday."

      The following is from KILLERPENNYSTOCKS.COM which I usually take with a grain of salt but since it appears more people are now looking at LYJN as a sleeping giant, I thought I would throw this in also from 3/19/10 @ 4:58 p.m...

      Lyric Jeans, Inc. (LYJN)

      After significant research and due diligence, our business analysts feel LYJN has the potential to bring our subscribers monster returns!

      LYJN has more fundamentals than any other stock our team has been able to find at these price levels. The stock has started to see recent momentum since a corporate update was released via Marketwire the other day. We had already been researching the stock for some time before the news hit.

      So you can PUMP it, you can DUMP it, do what YOU think is right, but be sure to get your facts before you make a statement and do any rash investing.


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