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  • debreasystems debreasystems Dec 8, 2010 6:37 PM Flag

    more Berkeley treason

    basher are you to young to remember daniel ellsberg?
    we killed 3million people and 58k of our own for an event that didn't occur. ellsberg went through the chipper until people realized he actually saved us from far greater folly.

    there isn't an honest bone in your body, i guess. it's ALL ABOUT YOU, ayn rands the 'INDIVIDUAL", 24/7 365, the basher is the only thing in the world and EVERYTHING should be destroyed for your singular pathetic selfishly created perspective.

    i've never had the misfortune of meeting anybody quite like you.
    your inherently more evil than all you have contempt for. think you'll make it out by yourself? buckleup, life is going to deal some cards to you shortly. the worm turns in an odd way.
    your just such a loser
    in all senses. i truly feel sorry for you.
    trust me NOBODY wants what you think your guarding. such a sad little fool!
    you could contribute, but your fear prevails,
    seek help man.

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