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  • debreasystems debreasystems Dec 26, 2010 12:01 PM Flag

    This Christian Was Celebrating Christmas And New Year In Front Of A Church

    basher, stop w/ your adolescent rubbish. you refuse to recognize who ayn rand was soley because it suits YOUR greed model. i'm actually surprised you made it past the anarchy model. most 15 year olds become stuck there.
    peter kropotkin was a cool guy, remember him?

    please inform the audience as to what EXACTLY it is YOU produce. since you obviously rgard yourself in that light. all you PRODUCE is an endlss supply of divisive BILE!!

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    • i wonder if he's maybe a silver spoon baby who uses this line to justify being a cheap, greedy, selfish zit on the face of the earth, or was he just born that way? probably some of both. or he got ticked off when he made, or was given, some money in life and had to start paying taxes.

      and what's the big deal about producing? taking care of oneself, not being a burden is good, and healthy for your own self-esteem and as a contributor to society, but i hope he's not saying just produce, produce, produce. isn't that exploitation-slave owner talk? we don't need to produce so much junk, there's too much useless stuff already.

      also gotta wonder what religion, if any, he is. whaddya say, bash 'ol buddy? merry christmas, happy hanukkah, FTW, or what?

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