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  • heystan42 heystan42 Jul 25, 2011 10:24 AM Flag

    Netflix survey for the Q Board

    Need one answer, please:

    By September 2nd (day after new pricing goes into effect), will you:

    A -- finally open a Netflix account
    B -- cancel the Netflix account you now have
    C -- opt for the "streaming only" Netflix service
    D -- opt for the "streaming" AND "one-DVD-at-a-time" services


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    • Heystan, from your list of choices we currently have D.

      We're probably going to cancel because the streaming content has gotten to be so awful. We had a list a movies that we had for streaming, but had to cross many off because they were suddenly made unavailable. The choices for streaming aren't very desirable, imo.

      We have quite a few Redboxes where we live (a few you can walk to) and the library's DVD section (check out 5 movies a week for free) is growing rapidly with some really good movies available.

      And Blockbuster is looking more appealing by the day. I'll have to look into them a little more.

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      • Scratch Blockbuster -- they filed for BK last September, blaming the competition from streaming (Apple, Amazon AND Netflix).

        You're right about Netflix moving a lot of the streaming content to "DVD only". The apparent business model now is to have CURRENT (i.e. popular, ergo higher demand) content available for streaming while everything else is on DVD. There really is an interesting supply chain/long-term library management model under this (and competitive) business -- far, far more than meets the eye.

        From the bean counter perspective, that was a great move ahead of the repricing announcement, kind of sets up the marketplace to have to go with the streaming for the "new" stuff and keep the DVD service if you're a movie watcher.

        It's "B" around here. We're just going to drop Netflix completely. As you point out, too many other good choices in the marketplace, IMHO.

    • How much do you like the idea of screwing the Postal Service in order to pay your ISP? My guess is that Netflix which has had to charge enough to pay for the physical item and shipping will NOT pass the savings on to those streaming customers whos newer computer hardware will esentially be rented by Netflix for free.

      It is just like with music. Once the price of a cassette tape came down enough, single songs went for $1/song which was about the same as an album for $10. When Apple managed via the i-Pod to get people to pay for downloads, they STILL kept the price point at $1, despite the fact that an entire generation of people were stealing music for free.

      The only problem I have with the new cable/online entertainment industry is that it forces the same people to pay over and over for the same right to the same song/movie every time the technology changes. This then causes re-runs and catalog albums and OLD bands to push out newer and possibly better talent.

      There should be a universal "right" you pay once per song/movie and after that, get to download/convert enhance or do anything with it for your entire life. If the new catalog sales no longer support websites that promote the SOS then we will stop getting so much of it.

      The Postal Service has the Forever Stamp so why not the Forever Song or Forever Movie?

    • great_manic_depression great_manic_depression Jul 25, 2011 11:08 AM Flag

      not sure what the wife will do

      we've had netflix since 2004

    • Never used Netflix

    • Anyone who does business with AAPL, NFLX, AMZN, PCLN, CMG is unamerican. I do own one of Lulus leopard print pair of spandex leotards. But i got them at Goodwill, so i was doing ot for the needy. GL!!

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