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  • debreasystems debreasystems Sep 30, 2012 1:59 PM Flag

    hey how much is enough in todays world?

    we're in agreement, all i was saying is those are the expenses if you insist on staying in the rat race there. have lived in many of those large cities all my life or at least had businesses/homes there. what happens? the unexpected event that sets you back several million in an afternoon.
    it's fine and fun when your young but when you get older it holds less and less interest for myself.
    most people i know now are trapped financially they can't move forward and it takes everything they have in order to keep what they've got or.............they can let the mess go for a loss. hard to walk away from what you worked your entire adult life for.
    7 million dollars to me is a small fortune, in reality it isn't much money at all. go ahead and get sick, health insurance cancelled w/in 6 wks and then the games begin, your business suffers cause you can't be there, the entire thing augers in rapidly. much faster than most people think.
    i've said it previously, i just want to move to cash and get out of america.
    america is upside down and has been for 40+ years, all we do is export mic, under the pretext t'is "freedom" and "democracy" to the remainder of the world.
    when will the people of this country get off their and do something about it?
    i suspect they won't ever!!!!!!!!!! that has NEVER BEEN WHO I WAS!!!!!!!!

    look at the prices of "condo's" in manhattan yesterday a million would get me 875 sq'!!!
    then the hoa was 1450 per month, have a car? where you gonna park it? 15years ago i paid 375 per month to park my car fer fawwks sake!!!!!!

    keep the money, i can build a righteous place on the beach in just about any 3rd world country.
    i'm finished w/ america and anything it's ever thinks or thought it was!!

    taxpayers have surely paid far more than 7million for each citizen in this country in last 6 years already!! somehow my 7mill never came in the mail!!

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