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  • sputnick_again sputnick_again Dec 2, 2012 10:29 AM Flag

    Sacred a lttle after listening to Rush on Friday

    I went 60% cash Friday. I usually stay 100% in mkt in Dec and Jan. Rush said on Friday that the Democratic party wanted the fiscal cliff so they could then target tax cuts to special interest groups that would futher the party and embarass the republicans. Not a good scenerao . Hope it doesn't happen but all the repubs are putting on table is cute to Social Security and that scares me more since i depend on it to live. Just having a hard time this year with the mkt .

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    • drgeorgy?

    • unfortunately, the best thing that could happen is to cut social security for people like you who were largely asleep at the wheel politically for the last 50 years - thus allowing this mess to be created. i am astonished at the people who go on tv and say "don't worry we are going to ensure no changes to SS for any one 55 and over." i say go fark urselves. i am under 55 and i am putting money into SS every paycheck. what about my generation? if your generation farked it up so badly you deal with the pain!

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