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  • jeffmobile88 jeffmobile88 Mar 2, 2013 12:59 AM Flag

    PUDSHAFT is SO PATHETIC, the loser "claims" he has son

    and wants the world to end with global warming, what a pathtic loser of a man, cause he has amounted to nothing he wants bad on everyone.
    May this loser #$%$ leech anti american FVCK suffer for eternity.
    I would love to #$%$ on his grave when he dies and beat the #$%$ out of his #$%$ son and #$%$ on him.

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    • Jeff, this was the best post for 2013! Keep up the good work!

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    • He's a poor, mentally disabled individual with all sorts of fantasies that he hopes he can get others to help reinforce here. When people realize what he is, he attacks them(it's not really stalking because he never leaves this board) in an attempt to drive all those away except those that accept him as THE humorous M.C./Talk Show Host of the QQQ Board. This is his fantasy and the fact he is so obsessed that he spends ALL his waking hours here is proof of his sickness. A normal, rational human being might understand that ALL his posts are date/time stamped and are a record of an illness that can't be disputed. Has Yahoo's failure to identify him, or anyone else, from a spam computer or more normal person helped to make his obsession worse? Of course. If this board actually had someone monitoring it like a web master he would have been warned about his obsession and constant attacks on other posters, and then he'd be blocked from at least posting here on this one board. I believe it is a good thing to allow people to be anonymous UNLESS they are truely sick individuals who are actually making their condition worse. Pud posted an online news story outlining his supposed life as though he wanted to be seen as some sort of Falmouth local legend. Then he complained about people here stalking him. The obvious solution if he didn't want to be "stalked" would be to simply change his Yahoo ID and not admit he was photoguy/pud/Rob White. He can't do that because he's sick and enjoys his sickness.

      But don't get so upset. It's what he wants you to do and he's obviously immune to criticism because he's not capable of seeing himself, his life, etc. for what it is(even though it's ALL here). He's a helpless mentally disabled person dealing with the boredom that goes along with a complete lack of productivity or employment.

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    • Pudshaft's entire life consists of the following:

      Spooning his hag of a mother
      Licking and touching filthy feet in his dead father's shoe store
      Plagiarize comments from various websites and paste them here
      Stalk whatamarket
      Have wet dreams of being sexually abused by a member of the Catholic Church
      Post 24-7 on this MB

    • You're a very sick individual and very poor speller. i suspect you are from arkansas and the son of your half sister

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