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  • bengrahamman bengrahamman May 15, 2013 5:12 PM Flag

    Questions I would have asked if recognized

    1. # of Employees.

    2. Why was preferred shares converted into Common on 4/1/13 and what price?

    3. Status of US Department of Labor Audit on ECTY?

    4. Reason common stock was issued for professional fees during the quarter, and at what price were shares issued?

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    • 5. Why was inventory converted to Fixed assets for $3.2M during the quarter. How was this reflected in body of Statement of Cash Flows? Explain the entire transaction, and how it has an affect on earnings per share, cash flow and inventory turns. Was this discussed with the Auditors, since it was during an interim unaudited period?

    • they are diluting shareholders even without a secondary offering. i love how the CEO claims on the conf call that they are very cash conservative when he's issuing shares in lieu of cash each quarter. when DOE ends, the cash burn will spike and losses will accelerate.