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  • yinvestor yinvestor Jun 5, 2013 5:17 PM Flag

    How could a company making EV charger only ever going to make a profit?

    Would you pay for charging your IPhone?
    No, you only pay for the electricity to charge your phone.
    You don't pay for the IPhone charger since it's free.

    Would you pay for the gas charging station when you fill gasoline for your car?
    No, you only pay for the gasoline to fill your car.
    You don't pay for the gasoline charger since it's free.

    Would you pay for the electrical charger when you charge your electrical car?
    No, you only pay for the electricity to charge your electrical car.
    You don't pay for the electrical car charger.
    You especially don't want to pay for the super slow electrical car charger this company is having a lot.
    Chinese people won't pay for EV charger either, they are not stupid.

    The only chance this company has is to sell some electrical car chargers to the resident users at home
    so they could charge their cars at home during the night.
    But you can't charge too much for a electrical car charger due to the competition.
    Some of the EV companies might offer their customer free chargers at home very soon to promote their EVS.
    There is also compatibility issues.

    So this company is still not going to make much profit from the charger and they only have $3M cash left
    in the bank, less than the money some of its executive officers have in their bank accounts.

    I don't understand why people here are so excited about this stock and treats it like a super high tech company, it's not. Other companies also has faster chargers.

    From technical point of view, it's forming the triple head which could eventually push the stock price down to
    $1.2, $1.0 or even $0.50 level.

    This is just my opinion and I would never never touch this stock no matter how people are excited about it and
    how low it goes. I just want to seat here to see it goes to $0.50 or even BK.

    I might be wrong but that's fine, there are many investment opportunities out there.
    It looks like the major correction of the market is coming and soon there will be lots of investment opportunities

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • Wow, ECTY dropped from $1.46 to $0.36 in just one day!!!

      I had warned you 53 days ago about this company when it was trading above $2!!!
      Nobody agreed with me before!

      Now I am speechless and wish all of the ECTY shareholders good luck from now.

    • I got a explosive report email this morning recommending MADI and it did rised 200% like the email promised this morning, but I don't believe there is free lunch in this world, somebody is going to pay the price.

      I am thinking this ECTY was recommend by this explosive report sometime but I can't prove it.

    • Y R U here? If this stock is so awful? Reviewing ALL your posts it is obvious you have an agenda.
      Trying to re-coup past losses? Trying to buy cheap? Disgruntled Dismissed employee". Your posts are too obvious. Move on. You'll feel better about yourself.

    • rqtect Jun 6, 2013 11:10 AM Flag

      Son you have no clue... Go back to high school or at least get your GED..Please leave the money making.., up to us ok.

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    • This has to be one of the silliest posts yet. Do you really think you're only paying for the electricity? Do you really think that when you buy gas, you're only paying for the gas. You're paying for the drilling, shipping, storing, refining, shipping again, vendor overhead and dont forget federal, state and local taxes. Think about that, then apply it to EV chargers. Users will not be paying $1-2 per charge. That is a dream. After everybody gets their cut, EV chargers will turn as much a profit as gasoline if not more due to lower overhead costs. This business model will account for a huge profit margin once the market is saturated and operating smoothly

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      • Explain to me why this company is still losing money after investing $100M and has only $3M cash left and what is changing in their business model to make them profitable since then.

        Here are the news I got:
        1. ABB, the largest shareholder of ECTY has developed its own super fast charging technology which could charge a electrical bus in 15 seconds. ECTY is useless now.
        2. TSLA is building its own super fast charging stations and network quickly. Apparently they don't like ECTY's slow charging network and I don't think other EV makers will like it either.
        3. Although I haven't seen any news about other EV makers but it looks like that super fast charging network is the trends. And ECTY does not have enough money to develop many fast charging stations in short time to compete with others.
        4. Insiders had never bought a single share since this run from $0.50 on last August, if their business like you said is going to turn profitable quickly, explain to me why not a single share was purchased? The last sale from insiders was $0.48-0.49, before the explosive report which pushed this stock high by sending massive emails to investor to get them buying this stock.

        I am a rational investor and I am not a gambler, so if anyone could persuade me that this company is ever going to be profitable, I will buy.

      • "Users will not be paying $1-2 per charge. That is a dream"
        france, this is the only thing you are wrong about. Users are already paying this on the L2 chargers. In fact they're paying this per hour of charge and as of June 10 they will be paying $5 to $8 per charge at the DC Fast Chargers. But this is still dirt cheap compared to gas and it will create great revenue for ECTY!
        There are a lot of people out there that would actually pay comparable prices to gas just to have the piece of mind from knowing they are not contributing to air pollution.
        If I misunderstood you my apology for the correction.

      • well said france.

    • Oh and by the way, the EV chargers won't be in people's homes. They'll be everywhere - in strip mall parking lots, grocery store parking lots, on streets, off highway exits, at rest stops, in building garages. It's an incredibly scaleable and profitable margin. You either are a scamming short, or you truly don't understand the business model here. See you at $10.

    • Id pay $1-2 bucks to fill up my EV happily. It's but 5% what I'd pay to fill up my car with gas. If you could charge up your Iphone in 1/10 the time, you'd pay for that charge, too.

      • 1 Reply to fxdudeinmia
      • I doubt they could really charging the users for each charging.
        Maybe they got paid when selling the chargers but there is not much profit in it.
        Plus, there are quite some competitions like ChargePoint, TSLA and all the EV sellers might give the customers free charger at home. As to the network, fast charging is the future.

        The management had been selling at $0.50 and they have never bought a single shares since then.
        You think they don't understand their business?

        Let's talk about it when the third heads if formed, it should be at $2 level.

    • ponline Jun 5, 2013 5:32 PM Flag

      LOL, that was a good one...

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